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My Sophomore Year

No description

Koreejo Kinder

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of My Sophomore Year

First Semester
Biology with Mr. Huston
World History with Mr. Mires
Spanish 2 with Mrs. Horlacher
Racquet Sports with Mr. Fleming
Alg2/Trig with Mr. Ross
Sophomore English with Mrs. Bouten
Academic Knowledge

Strengths: interactive learning, working with groups and sharing knowledge

Weakness: amount of homework and having motivation to do it all, tests, working by myself
First Semester
Biology: I struggled with the teacher's teaching styles, 88%

World History: I really enjoyed the class and the teacher, 93%

Spanish 2: It was an easy class for me, really liked the teacher, 94.4%
First Semester
Racquet Sports: Liked the teacher, 81%

Alg2/Trig: Really liked the teacher and teaching ways, struggled with the assignments, 85.31%

Sophomore English: I really like Mrs. Bouten, we did a lot of projects, 92.7%
Second Semester
World History with Mr. Mires
Digital Media with Mrs. Cochran
Biology with Mr. Huston
Alg2/Trig with Mr. Ross
Spanish 2 with Mrs. Horlacher
Sophomore English with Mrs. Bouten
Second Semester
Digital Media: Really enjoy the class, like taking pictures, struggled with the teacher a little, 95%
My Sophomore Year
Thank you!
slow pitch softball and track and field.
I learned that I need to be challenged
I need to know what I'm going to do after high school.
4-year Plan
Me as a Citizen
I help the elder people in my family
I have a job that I do every Sunday
Helped with the Special Olympics last Thursday
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