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lis lab3

on 18 May 2016

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Transcript of Martha's

Reptile Riddle
I live in waters near the coast.
I eat jellyfish, crabs, fish, conchs, and seaweed.
My predators are sharks and dolphin fish.
My shell can grow to be three feet, is brown, and can weigh over 250 pounds!
I can grow almost 4 feet long!
I hide in seaweed, and blend in with
reefs, to stay away from predators.
If I am having eggs, I can have over 100!
My group is called a Flotilla.
I can swim over 20 miles per hour.
I can live over 50 years old!
I might travel over 1,000 miles
to give birth if I am female.
What Reptile Am I?
I am a Loggerhead Sea
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