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Haitian Voodoo Creation Myth

No description

Jaylin Clevenger

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Haitian Voodoo Creation Myth

Haitian Voodoo Creation Myth
Their elected government is corrupt because of the large scope of their government.
They have French and African roots.
Official languages are French and Creole.
80% of people are Roman Catholic, 16% Protestant, and 50% practice some form of voodoo.
Creation Myth
Haitians believed in a sky serpent named Damballah.
Damballah was the father of the Loa (spirits)
Damballah was the creator of everything.
Geographic Location
Located in the Carribean
West of the Dominican Republic
Damballah created all of the oceans,
valleys and mountains.
He put all the stars in the sky,
and formed all the rocks.
The Loa saw Damballah do this and were pleased with it so they came back down to Earth to the place where they came from. (Ife in Nigeria)
Damballah shed his skin one day which let water fall all over the Earth.
A rainbow reflected off of the water he left behind.
Damballah thought the rainbow was beautiful so he made it his wife and named it Aida-Wedo.
The Loa worshiped Damballah when they got there by practicing voodoo.
They drew a symbol on the ground as they worshiped.
Voodoo Easter rituals.
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