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Using Connecting Themes

This is an introduction to fifth grade social studies

Somers Wilcox

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Using Connecting Themes

Using the themes give an example from your life for each.

Try this activity with your group!!!
Lets complete the activities together!!!!
We will use these themes throughout the year!!!!! Keep up with this!!!!
Let's try connecting the themes...
Money, Goods, Services, and Choices
Beliefs, Change, and Conflict
Take inventory of the technology in the school.

Then select one piece of technology within the school.

Write about how not having the technology available would affect learning.
Students will discuss the school’s vision and beliefs as a class. Discuss the meaning of each part and the reason why the school has a belief statement.

Using the conflict cards, with your partner, present short skit giving a negative and a positive change for each situation!!! Have Fun!!!!
Monday, August 1, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
There are 8 themes
Enduring Understandings
Try this activity b yourself!!!!!
Location, Movement, and Migration
Beliefs and Ideals: How do they impact social, economic, and political decisions?

Conflict and Change: How does one lead to positive and negative changes?
Individuals, Groups, and Institutions: How do they influence society?

Movement and Migration: How is society affected by them?
Location: How does it effect the economy, development, and culture?

Production, Distribution, and Consumption: How do society make decisions on goods and service?
Scarcity:How does this affect people's choices?

Technological Innovation: How does it change society?

Make a simple
of our classroom.
what you draw!!!!
When you are done put it in your folder to take to lunch.

Make a list of all the activities, businesses, recreational events, etc. that reflect cultural
in the local community. Determine what diverse group is being represented.

What would the community would be like without this diversity being represented?

Now let's read a story.....

Themes in S.S
How does scarcity of resources force
people to make choices?

If you had $100, how would you spend

How do people determine what a
necessity is?
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