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Barbara Hepworth presentation

The awesome skills of me making a prezi

Ethan Wyett

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Barbara Hepworth presentation

Barbara Hepworth Today I will be talking about Barbara Hepworth (my artist I am researching). Inspiration Barbara Hepworth was inspired by two things. One was when her tutor taught and told her about Egyptian slides. The other thing that inspired Barbara was her friend Priaulx Rainer who was inspired by African music. Family Barbara Hepworth was born on January 10 1903. She was the eldest child of Gertrude and Herbert Hepworth. Herbert was a pilot and died in his sinking plane. Gertrude was a nurse and died of old age at 98. Barbara died in a fire in her studio on May 20, 1975. This is Barbara Hepworth. This is Herbert Hepworth. This is Gertrude Hepworth. The artist At the age of 15, Barbara decided to become a sculptor.
In 1919 she went to the Leeds school of art. At first
when she started sculpting her sculptures were naturalistic
and their features were very simple. In the early 1930s
her sculptures got completely abstract. She was very important in the development of abstract art in England. In abstract art, the art created by the artist is not a direct image of whatever the artist is creating, but is the artist's interpretation of the image or object. When Barbara Hepworth first started sculpting, her works were closed in and small. Later in 1943 she opened and hollowed out her sculptures. One of the sculptures she opened and hollowed out was the wave which I will show you now. She was inspired to create this sculpture by the landscape near where she lived at the time. The art One of Barbara's final pieces is the bronze sculpture called two forms
(sometimes called divided circle). She made it 6 years before her death
(already talked about in Family). When she died her sculture was
acquired by the Greater London Concil in England and was desplayed
in Dulwich park from 1970 to 2011. In 2011 the sculture got cut from its plith by scrap metal thieves. Quotes of the artist One of the quotes that Barbara said and was one of the most popular was

"I don't want to make a stone horse that is trying to and cannot smell the air. How lovely is the horse's sensitive nose, the dogs moving ears and deep eyes; but to me those are not stone forms and the love of them and the emotion can only be expressed in more abstract terms. I do not want to make a machine that cannot fulfil its enssential purpose; but to make exactly the right relation of masses, a living thing in stone, to express my awareness and thought of these things." Thank you for taking your time to learn about my artist
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