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Copy of Bullying and Anti-bullying

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Cielo Rio P. Orense

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Bullying and Anti-bullying

How, in my little ways, can I help the bullied kids in my school?

- Treat everyone with respect
- Stand up for others
- Ignore the bully
- Get help if nothing is working: tell an adult
- Tell an adult
- Act confident
- Walk away
-Stick up for friends if they are being bullied

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Cielo Orense
Joseph Pena
Nepherteri Ramirez
Reginald Centeno

Do you remember the last bullying incident which you have witnessed?
How in my little ways can I help the bullied kids in my school?
At the end of the lesson, we will answer this question:
Today we will watch a video of a boy who was bullied because of how he looked like. Pay attention on how a stranger helps him.
Let's talk about the video we just watched...
1. Why was the kid in the video bullied?

2. How did the older kid stand up for “Red”, the bullied kid?

1. How did Red feel at the beginning of the video? Why did he feel that way?

2. What made him a target of bullying?

3. Why do you think the bullies stopped taunting Red?

4. What do you think Red feel about what the older kid did for him?

5. In your opinion, did the older kid do a big thing or a
small thing for Red? Why do you think so?

6. Do you think bullying happens in school?
What do you think are some of the reasons why this happens?

7. Is it important to stand and speak up for these students? Why?

8. How can you speak and stand up for them?

Now, we will have an activity which will show us what to do during a bullying incident.

Let’s answer our question:
How, in my little ways, can I help the bullied kids in my school?

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