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Project's Diary

No description

Iz Mur

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of Project's Diary

Izabel's Project Diary
Idea 1: Online Platform
A. Observation: friends that are musicians often struggle with finding new members for their bands as well as getting in contact with important participants of the music industry (Such as producers, labels, venues etc).
Idea 2 - BRaz.UK: Event to bring together the Brazilian and British music
Event's Feedback
Izabel's Project Diary
How to start having an idea and develop it?

A. Observation
B. Idea
C. Research
D. Development
E. Implement

B. Idea: develop an online platform for the music industry members only, in order to facilitate musicians, producers, venues, record labels and other industry's workers to find each other and collaborate.
C. Research: found similar platforms but with different features and core concepts.
D. Development: Hired a web programmer to start developing the platform.
E. Implement: A direct competitor was found in this step (same concept and features) already online and with users. So the project had to be turned down.
A. Observation: the economic and cultural bond between Brazil and the United Kingdom are stronger than ever, due to the Olympics (2012 in UK and 2016 in Brazil). Still, most foreign's idea about the Brazilian music are still limited and stereotyped (Samba, MPB, Forro etc), excluding other existent music genres in Brazil.

B. Idea: put up an event bringing the connection between Brazilian and English music with the collaborations of both countries' musicians. Also, bring Brazilian musicians that are talented in different music styles other the mainly ones known worldwide.

C. Research: there aren't current competitors that are willing to bring the same concept in an event. Small efforts are being seeing by small producers, but their main ideas are to bring Brazilian music (MPB, Samba, Forro etc) to the UK.

D. Development:
- Find artists that match the event's concept, as well as venue;
- Decide a date that wouldn't bring as many people to the venue if they didn't have the event on (Tuesday);
- Develop an Excel sheet with all the information needed about the event (costs, line up, market places, time schedule etc);
- Put up line up in order to achieve the concept (Brazil/ United Kingdom/ Brazil);
- Develop visual communication (design Flyer and Poster)
- Market the event (Flyers distributed in places like Brazilian restaurants, music schools, mix culture places); send PR to relevant magazines, websites and blogs in order to achieve the target market (both Brazilians and English people that are interested on different music collaborations, Brazilian music and new artists development).

E. Implement: Evening event at The Miller pub in London Bridge with Brazilian bands: Transformativa e Bossarockers; English band: We The Dead.

The Brazilian Post: online and printed news about what is happening in London regarding Brazilian events as well as economy and politics from both countries.

BRaz.UK's Line Up
+ Transformativa (https://soundcloud.com/transformativa)

A London based Brazilian electronic music producer that mixes up hints of Brazilian music with distorted sounds, creating a deep and hallucinogenic experience.


+ We The Dead

We The Dead specialise in intricate micro-melodies and dark vocal harmonies in a world of acoustic and drums-led intelligence. Their first demo has been described as a post prettiness of melodic Indie and soft vocals floating across a landscape of rolling drums.

The band have quickly gained attention from the likes of NME Magazine, Clash Magazine, Xfm’s X-Posure and also an invitation to perform a live studio broadcast session for Steve Lamacq’s BBC 6 Music show."

+ Bossarockers

Bossarockers is a Brazilian trio based in London that are well known for mixing Bossa Nova and Samba with rock n’ roll features in their versions from the classics of Brazilian music.
Listed in The Miller
Venue where the event will take place.
Umbrella Projects
Umbrella Projects was created in order to unite three projects in different cultural areas in the same evening thus bringing a more diverse audience to each individual project and developing an interesting and cultural-mixed event.

Umbrella Projects, is:
- BRaz.UK Projects in the music field;
- Room66 in the art field: exposing two upcoming artists;
- There There Company and Bridge Performances in the performance/theatre area.
Listed In different Events Website, such as: Where ca we go, Skiddle, Remote Goat, Sound and Music The Sampler.
Social Media: Facebook
Development of excel sheet for control of the event's details
* 43 people attended and paid 5 pounds for entrance;
* Revenue of 215 pounds;
* Costs were covered ( total costs of 212 pounds);
* Total of 62 people between audience, staff, artists and musicians;
* No delays on the schedule;
* No sound problems during the performance and gigs;
* Constantly effort of calling people to go upstairs, since the bar was downstairs;
* Most of the people that confirmed going to the event didn't show up (>90 people confirmed on the Facebook event).
An interview was conducted with some people in the audience, to know their thoughts about a multi-media event and the BR -UK music mix:
Final Considerations: fortunate and unfortunate conclusions
* Collaborating with different colleagues with distinct objectives in the creative industry (art and theatre) turned out to be a great experience, making the event stronger and more interesting.

* Having more 'hands' and 'brains' to help in the organization of the event as well as having different ideas for it.

* Getting it touch with people from other areas than mine (artists, theatre performers, photographers, video, venue manager, sound engineer).

* Having the experience of putting up an event and organizing it, think about details, schedule, price point, line up, costs, marketing plan, ideal venue, bands who are performing without losing track of the project's concept in the way.
* Problems with the flyer:
1. Designer didn't follow the initial briefing, what delayed the flyer finalization in 4 days.

2. One of the collaborators went traveling while the flyers were delivered at her place. That delayed our flyering action in one week!

* Even though having two more people to help on the organization, sometimes I felt like I was doing everything on my own (finding the venue, hiring photographer and video recording man, finding the designer to do the flyer, send flyers to print, developing Excel sheet for control as well as the online marketing places and the PR document).

Event's PR
"I think that these events (multi-media) are really important because they can change what people perceive as a gig or a gallery viewing" Mark D.
"This event was a forward way of thinking for breaking the mold and allowing a space for all interest levels to join and be entertained." Tania M.
"The clash of music was perfect and felt so normal and right, even though they were genres apart. Everyone was aware of the cultural exchange which was important to the project." Cillian D.
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