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The Story of Sundiata

No description

Josephine Wang

on 13 April 2014

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Transcript of The Story of Sundiata

The Story of Sundiata
Sundiata, growing up faced many challenges, being unable to communicate and being unable to walk.
The Evil Plan
The Escape
Sundiata's Beginnings
Sundiata, the son of the king, Maghan kon Fatta and the Buffalo Woman was born on who knows when, literally.
The Return of the King
Jealousy Refueled
The Gift of the Stories
Sundiata, was not as accepted into the Mali village and was mostly alone to play by himself.
In the village of the Mali, a nearby village gave the king, Maghan kon Fatta a gift of a woman who, due to her appearances, became nicknamed, "Buffalo Woman."
The Gift
The king currently had a wife already named Sasouma and when she had learned of this arrangement, she was not happy and became jealous, and she teased Buffalo Woman for her ugliness for Sasouma was beautiful.
The Birth and Early Childhood
The Minds Rotating
The Visit
The Capture
Sasouma was peanut butter (a.k.a known as jelly) and wanted to dispose Sundiata of his position, as he was a threat the Sasouma's son, Dankaran Touman.
Sasouma starts planning on ways to dispose or destroy Sundiata. Wait.....wait...... AHA! The Sundiata's griot, Balla Fasseke.
Sasouma payed a visit to the king of Mali, Sumanguru, and bribed him to allow the capture of Sundiata's griot, Balla Fasseke. #evilladyritethere
Hardships Throughout
Upon hearing of Balla Fasseke's capture, Sundiata fled with sorrow....poor Sundiata.....let;s have a moment of silence for him....but wait! The story's not over.
After hearing abut the capture of his griot, Sundiata fled the Mali village and escaped despite the king's pleads....bad son.
Sasouma's plan was to trick Balla Fasseke into giving a message to Sumanguru, so he would be caught... Success!
Word reaches Sundiata that his father, the king has died, and Sumanguru has control of the kingdom. Sundiata upon hearing the news hurries back to his homeland.
In the end, Sumanguru, at last becomes defeated by a spear with a rooster beak and Sundiata becomes the leader to the Mali Empire. YEAH!!!!!!!!
Sumanguru's Defeat
The Battle
Sumanguru and Sundiata engage in battle, and fireballs rage across, wind sears around, and the ground shakes. But the winner is.............?(me! haha...no.)
Sundiata was born unable to walk and talk which made him a very lonely child. :c
The Griot
One day during Sundiata's celebration, he received a griot which made him able to talk and walk!
Run, Run, like the Wind!
Joanne Fang
Josephine Wang
Help Arrives
As Sundiata flees, another kingdom's king gives Sundiata sanctuary. The king also teaches him the magical skills to help him grow in strength.
Josephine and Joanne:)
This presentation is brought to you by unicorn company ltd. and penguin inc.
Sundiata to the Rescue
Sundiata stops to save his griot, then with greater energy then before, rides out to defeat the evil king (Saruman...jk) and there, they meet face to face. gasp.
My name is Bob, why are we riding to save Mali? We have to save the Shire and your kingdom first! We promised Frodo, sir!
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