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Cervical cancer

No description

Caitlyn Gravelle

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Cervical cancer

Cervical Cancer
Signs and Symptoms
abnormal vaginal bleeding -after intercourse ,after menopause, between menstrual cycles
longer and heavier periods
unusual discharge (may contain blood)
unusual amount of pain during intercourse.
Tissues,organs and organ affected
If treated\spotted early
minor issue and causing only little damage to lining of cervix.
Probable causes
hpv infection ( most cervical cancer is developed through hpv) the number of sexual partners may influence your chances.
Smoking (researchers have found cancer causing chemical , benzyrene, in cervical mucus of women. This chemical damages langerhan cells which are found in cervix, these cells don't work well in smokers.
bad immune system
"the pill"
How can you reduce your risks ?
avoid HPV ( use protection , be selective on your choice of sexual partners)
don't smoke
get vaccinated for HPV (Cervairx ,Gardasil and CDC)
women age 21 and over should be cervically tested and get pap test done every 2\3 years
eat at least 5 daily servings of veggies and fruit ( healthy lifestyle)
How doctors treat this
total hysterectomy ( is done when it's necessary to remove cervix and uterus.)
radical hysterectomy ( is done when cervical tumor is very large. Cervix, uterus, part of vagina, structures and tissues near cervix and pelvic lymph nodes are removed.)
chemotherapy ( is a combo of external radiation therapy and prescriptions of certain chemo medications such as Platinol AQ. )
Drawbacks\Concerns to theses treatments
if ovaries are removed\damaged by radiation treatment, early menopause could start.
Some treatments leave you unable to have children.
cancer could come back.
Every year 12,000 women in US get cervical cancer.
Women of hispanic ethicy have a higher rate of having cervical cancer.
40-44 is the most common age to be diagnosed due to the fact it takes 3-5 years for cervical cancer to fully develop.

If not caught\treated
devastating effects to female reproduction system
uterus,cervix,ovaries,fallopian tubes and upper part of vagina.
cervical cancer could spread and restrict use of bladder or rectum ( may need removal)
Cervical cancer is rarely inherited.
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