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Liberal Party of Canada

No description

Kristina Renwick

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Liberal Party of Canada

Presentation by: Kristina, Trent, and Makenna
Current Leader
Justin Trudeau
Leader of the Liberal party of Canada since April 2013
Logo and Slogan
The colours of the logo are red and white, the colours of Canada. This shows their pride in our country

The maple leaf is placed over the "e", which represents a french accent

The maple leaf is also in the center of the logo, which shows the party's place on the political spectrum
The current slogan of the Liberal party is "Fairness for the middle class". #fairness
Previous slogans have included "We have a right to power and don't forget it", and "We can do better".
Key Ideologies

Fairness for the middle class, which includes a tax break

Every Canadian must have access to publicly funded, high quality, universal health care

Access to affordable child care

Working in partnerships with indigenous people

Using evidence-based policies that prevent crime
Current Party Platform Points
Creating a new way to prevent marijuana and other drug use

Tax cuts for middle class Canadians

Making a national inquiry of Canada's missing indigenous women

Creating affordable housing
Past Governments
The Liberal party has formed government 9 times. These include:
Wilfrid Laurier - 1896-1911
- Created the Royal Canadian Navy
- Oversaw Saskatchewan and Alberta's entry into confederation

William Lyon Mackenzie King - 1921-1930
-Development of the national capital

Lester B. Pearson - 1963-1968
- Created the Royal Commission on the Status of Women, and the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism
- French was made an official language

Pierre Trudeau - 1968-1974
- Tried to create a "just society"
Target Audience
The middle class

Families with young children

French people
Interesting Points
Lester B. Pearson's riding was Algoma, which included Manitoulin

The Liberal party is the oldest federal party of Canada

Justin Trudeau has earned a salary of more than $450,000 in his best year
The Liberals have many ideologies and beliefs that they stand for, which create the foundations of the party. These include:
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