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Gina Singh

No description

Gina Singh

on 28 April 2016

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Transcript of Gina Singh

Gina Singh

Who am I?
My name is Gina Singh. I am a proud ghost at GCI, currently in grade 10 and a member the of 2015-2016 Galt Squad!
Recent posts
Doesn't student council sound like the
BEST opportunity? Getting the chance to
help make all of GCI's awesome events come to life would be amazing! Plus, who doesn't love going full out to show school spirit??
I have a lot to offer too! I have a lot of
experience in leadership positions. I have lots of great advertising ideas for our school events. I'm also really artistic and upbeat. I'll help get even more students to participate in spirit events and contribute to making school more exciting for our students!
What qualities do I posses as a leader? One of my most important leadership qualities is commitment. I make huge sacrifices to complete tasks that I have committed myself to. Another great leadership quality is creativity. This creativity would help to come up with new ideas and innovative ways to complete tasks. I also have a general positive attitude that rubs off on those around me. Even when a situation plays out differently than expected, I stay positive, work through it and encourage others to do so as well. These skills will help student council to lead a more unique, fun and successful year of spirit.
My best example of a time I served a leadership role was when I became one of the founders of the the RKM Youth Group. I became one of two representatives and lead majority of the events we did. The main project I lead was our mural. I had to talk to the admin to find a times that we could be in the facility that worked for them, and the other youth group members. From there I had to assign tasks to the group members and make sure everyone was included. The other members liked my leadership style, which influenced their decision to have me lead other events following our mural.
An obstacle that I have faced as a leaders was dealing with my shyness. I used to feel like others would judge me for being different, or voicing ideas that others may not agree with. However overtime I have developed a better mindset and realized that we others do not judge and that nothing good can come from staying quite.
I work really well in a team. I feel communication is key to success when working groups, so usually don't hesitate to contact the leader when I have questions. I always do my share of the work and help others if needed. I also try to make sure that no one feels left out or uncomfortable when working in a team. I never cause or create conflicts in a group, and I feel that co-operation and all members contributing their ideas will ensure success.
One of my weakness is that I occasionally have trouble having my opinions heard because I am naturally quiet and do not like to force my way into to conversations unless I have to.
I feel I represent my class in a very equal manner. It is common to categorize others into the "popular kids" and "the quiet ones" but I don't see my classmates as categories. I feel it is important to treat others equally and listen to all of their opinions. As a member of the GCI student council, it would be my responsibility to bring up important ideas or problems they might have and let them know about upcoming events and/or spirit days.
My favourite memory at GCI so far was Dusk Till Dawn. It was such an different experience and was a night packed with amazing memories. I loved how we had a variety of events happening throughout the night, including the word game that was going throughout the course of all the events. However most importantly, at Dusk Till Dawn, there seemed to be a different type of unity among all the people participating. Even though we were not all close friends, we acted as though we were and it created a more inclusive environment.
And that's all about who I am. Thank you for taking time to look this over!
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