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Ikuo Shimizu- creator of hello kitty

No description

lyric grigsby

on 13 May 2011

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Transcript of Ikuo Shimizu- creator of hello kitty

Yuko Shimizu Creator of Hello Kitty By Lyric Grigsby Powerpoint Biography Kitty White (Hello Kitty) a fictional character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio, was first designed by a woman named Yuko Shimizu. Yuko Shimizu was born in Chiba, Japan on November 1st. After graduating from Musashino Art University, the young illustrator showed a drawing of a cat to her boss Sanrio founder ,Shintaro Tisuji. He put Yuko's image on an item that started the success of Hello Kitty.
After launching their first product of the Kitty White clear, vinyl coin purse in 1974, Kitty White became a very popular icon for Sanrio products. Within 1 year Hello Kitty products were one of Sanrio's best-selling products estimating about 10 million a year. Now Hello Kitty products make billions of dollars a year in over 40 countries. Yuko Shimizu Hello Kitty clear,vinyl coin purse Yuko decided that the white cat should be named white kitty, which morphed into Kitty White, but due to mistranslation she became known as Hello Kitty. Where's Yuko? Soon after Hello Kitty was just about to make global sales with Sanrio, Yuko Simizu left Sanrio in 1976 to get married and have children. Yuko didnt profit much from desingning one of the most popular icons of the century, but she is still living, and goes to many of the "Kitty Cons" for autographs and pictures, however Kitty White lives on with Sanrio. Hello Kitty Crazy Newest in Hello Kitty Crazy The Hello Kitty Hospital Hello Kitty Airline Hello Kitty has inspired many countless, crazy ideas from houses, shoes, and cars to cigarettes and guns. The End How did the invention of Hello Kitty affect society? Hello Kitty was made to spark fun, imagination, and cuteness into little girls lives, however women in their 20's to 40's buy Hello Kitty products and are the ones who make up the percentage of buyers in the Sanrio industry. From little children, women to celebrities, Hello Kitty has been an inspiration.
Hello Kitty uses her popularity to promote charities and organizations, as well as serious causes. Hello Kitty has inspired the world from celebrities, organizations and crazy items all thanks to Yuko Shimizu and Sanrio Co. Kitty's everlasting reign on the worlds products will forever inspire countless clientell. Cool Kitty Facts Kitty White is a scropio Kitty white's family consists of her mother (Mama) her father (Papa), Grandpa, Grandma, and her twin sister Mimi. To tell the difference between Mimi and Kitty, Mimi wears a bow on the right ear, while Kitty wears one on her left. Thai police officers who show up late to work have to wear Hello Kitty armbands for several days as punishment.
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