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Astronomy Mind Map

No description

Fiona Harrison

on 20 January 2013

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Transcript of Astronomy Mind Map

Mind Map Astronomy Space Travel and Scientific studies A light year is a unit that measures the distance that light travels in one year. One light year equals to 5.88 trillion miles.
It takes eight minutes for the suns light to reach earth. It takes the suns light 4 and a half hours to reach Neptune.
The Alpha Centuri is the star that is the closest to Earth. The Alpha Centuri is a unique star because it isn't actually just on star it's actually 3 stars (triplet).
The Alpha Centuri is 4.35 light years away Distance and Time in Space Stars Celestial Bodies The Sun Cosmology and The Big Bang Ptolemy He thought the wondering of other planets was because of the epicycles.
Epicycles: Little orbits made by planets on their origianl orbit
But the epicycles only worked for Venus and Mercury. Tycho Brahe He had the planets going around the sun; except for Earth.
Encountered a comets movement agaisnt the stars background.
Comets were placed far out from planets. TCopernicus TCopernicus proposed that the sun was the center of the solar system and ALL planets obited around in a circle. Galileo Confirmed that the sun was the center of the solar system.
Discovered craters on the moon
Blemishes on the sun
Several moons orbiting Jupiter Kepler The orbit of planets was ellipses, but they still went in a circle
The speed of planets depended on their distance from the sun. Newton The moon is almost like a satellite
Closer the planet is to the sun = the faster it will orbit so it can resist the sun's gravitational pull Biuzbnn
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