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how did Ariana Grande become famous???

No description

Aliyah Thomas

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of how did Ariana Grande become famous???

introduction Ariana's childhood the answer Ariana facts! Ariana Grande - Butera was born on june 26th 1993 in Boca Raton, Florida. She is an American actress, singer, dancer and broadway performer. She stars in a hit television show as Cat Valentine in Victorious on channel Nickelodeon. Ariana has 1 sibling named Frankie Grande her older step brother, her step dad, Edward Butera and her mum, Joan Grande. Ariana started her career by singing the American national anthems for only hockey, basketball and football. Next she was starring as Charlotte in the Broadway musical 13. In Summer 2009 she did another broadway musical to help save money to south African kids who are homeless Ariana Grande became famous because she joined all these movies, T.V shows, broadway performances etc. to live her own dream.
by Aliyah Ariana Grande how did Ariana Grande become famous? Ariana started singing ever since she was 4 and started acting ever since she was 10. Ariana's natural hair colour is Brown, then she changed it to blonde for 2 episodes of Victorious and then she left it as red straight hair. Ariana knows how to speak 3 languges: english, spanish and italian. Ariana plays guitar, piano, electric guitar, netball and swimming. Ariana has been in 5 T.V shows, 1 movie, 2 broadway musicals, 7 music videos, 2 singles and has been in 8 albums More Ariana Grande facts Ariana has sold over 100 copies of her new album 'put your hearts up'. Ariana writes songs almost everyday. Her fans age is around 8-19 and she has over 900 fans. Ariana was born in st. judes hospital at 12:43 and the person who inspired her to sing is Mariah carey. Ariana images!
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