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The Archetype Task- The Little Mermaid (Yeana Kim- World Lit.)

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yeana kim

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of The Archetype Task- The Little Mermaid (Yeana Kim- World Lit.)

Let's Dig Into an Archetype of
"The Little Mermaid"
Ariel has had a desire of becoming a human and envied human being's life. She has to go through the task which is receiving true love kiss from a man.
Situation:The Task
Characters: Ariel
Ariel: She is a princess of the Atlantic ocean.
she is regarded as a
because she tries to fulfill
her dream and save others around her from the devil figure.

Eric is a prince who has been rescued by Ariel out of the sea. Ariel and he are the
star-crossed lovers
because Ariel''s father doesn't allow her to love a human, and the enemy of Ariel tries to interrupt their relationship.
Ursula is a main antagonist which is a
devil figure
in the film. She wants to revenge Triton, the King of Atlantica because he forbade her staying in Atlantica. She offers two legs to Ariel in exchange for her voice. This character's main goal is to ruin the quest of the protagonist, Ariel.
Flounder & Sebastian
Flounder is a fish, and Sebastian is a crab. they are both
hunting group
loyal retainers
by facing problems together, protecting the princess, and reflecting the hero's nobility. They also can be
friendly beasts
because they assist the hero.
Ariel''s father.
he has powerful magic weapon that holds his authority as a king.
he is very strict father.

she is a
in this story. Ursula guises to the pretty woman with wonderful voice taken from Ariel. she hypnotizes Eric to marry him and ultimately ruin Ariel's goal.

Symbolic Archetypes
Triton, father of Ariel, represents
which symbolize peace, goodness, and purity.
Also, his Gold weapon represents majesty and wealth.
Ursula' overall appearance is dark and gloomy.
She represents
which symbolize evil, chaos, mystery, or the unknown.
Ursula finally takes the magic weapon from the king and gains enormous power. She is now the strongest in the earth. however, the boat's sharp tip pierces her belly. Eventually, she dies.
Even though the evil's side is much powerful than the good's side, the good triumphs over the evil ironically.

Situation: The battle between Good and Evil
Nature VS Mechanistic World
In this scene, Ariel, who loves to collect human's artifacts, makes Triton very upset because she saved a human and even loves the man.
Triton hates the human beings and their world because long time ago, he lost his wife because of humans.
According to Triton's view, nature is much better than the mechanistic or human's developed world.
Flostam & Jestam
Those eels are henchmen of Ursula. They also represents
the evil figure
The Ending
As touched by the passionate love between those star-crossed lovers,
Triton turns his mind to support his daughter's love. So he changed her fish fins to human legs.
Finally, Ariel and Eric get married and live happily ever after, I guess :)

Creative Thinking:
Another Ending
(Nature VS Mechanistic World)
Ariel marries Eric, and they seem to be happy for several years. However, she feels lonely and unfamiliar on the land, compared to the life under the sea.
Every thing was so different from her mermaid life: humans eat fish frequently, they have weird machines that she has never seen and used, and they always seek to have profits or money. She gradually gets tired of the mechanistic world.
She realizes that the nature world is the best to live in for her. So she goes back to the sea and meets her family. Triton tells her that under the sea is the most peaceful and happiest place on the Earth.
-The End-
The End
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