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Future 2

No description

Go English Live

on 19 June 2015

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Transcript of Future 2

What we already know
Immediate future
I will have be married with 2 children in 2 years.
So when you talk about an arrangement
First you have to learn these expressions.
Future in English
So those are the normal ways.
Let learn some other ways.
Future 2
How many different ways can you talk about future. In todays class we will discuss 4 ways. Two of which might be new to you.
I am going to be in Paris next month.
Something planned
He is going to step on the banana peal.
Something about to happen
Jhon: Somebody is at the door.
Amanda: Ok , I will get it.
Decision made now
I'll go with you.
She won't go with me.
Will you be able to go on vacation next week?
An Arrangement
The act or process of arranging: the arrangement of a time and place for the meeting.
A provision or plan made in preparation for an undertaking: made arrangements for surgery.
Think about appointments, dates, meetings that you are planning to do.
My friend is helping me move to my office tomorrow. .
My friend is helping me.
Present Cont.
My friend is helping me tomorrow.
So if you are talking about an...
Arrangement or an Appointment
Use the Present continuous to talk about the Future
I am having lunch with my boss on Friday.
We are meeting with the CEO on Saturday.
I am buying my new car this Friday.
I am going on vacation next Tuesday.
Time table
Think about your agenda for this week.
I have a meeting with my boss
I have a doctors appointment
The last train leaves
Next Monday.
On Tuesday.
at 8:00.
When you talk about your schedule you can use present simple.
Two more ways to talk about the future
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