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Copy of "The Outsiders" Unit

No description

Aisha Douglas

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of "The Outsiders" Unit

The Outsiders
Written by: S.E Hinton
The Outsiders
Event Plotting
Acrostic Poem
Character Essay
Gang Article
Compare and Contrast
Ponyboy can count on his brothers. And on his friends. But not on much else besides trouble with the Socs, a vicious gang of rich kids whose idea of a good time is beating up "greasers" like Ponyboy. At least he knows what to expect - until the night someone takes things too far.
After reading the picture book, organize and fill in each of the main plots events on the hand out using 2-4 sentences. Remember to include information about the major conflict in the story as well as the characters.
You will create your own acrostic
poem using the name of one of the characters from the book.
What’s Up in my Neighborhood?

1) Find a news article that addresses gang related activity in Winnipeg or your local community. Articles from previous years are acceptable.

2) Write out a summary of the article

3) Read summary to the class and include a personal response to article.

4) If applicable make a connection with The Outsiders
In groups of 4 you will make a newspaper.

Each group member will be responsible for 1 of the “Must Have” items.
Modern Role Play
Character Map
Gallery Walk
Everyone has been emailed all the journal questions for each chapter and a rubric. Some time will be provided in class to complete the questions, however, the majority will need to be done as homework. It is ideal to complete each set of questions while the chapter is still fresh in your memory after reading the chapter.
The Outsiders contains themes such as gangs/families and friendship. In your groups, you will make a poster demonstrating these themes in any format that you prefer.
Ex. Draw, point form, collage.
Items that are to be included in Portfolio:

1) Title page
2) Table of Contents
3) Select any of the following to include (must include at least 4 of the assignments from The Outsiders Unit):

Journal Package, Acrostic Poem, Character Map, Final Character Sketch Essay, Compare and Contract Venn Diagram, Vocabulary Work-Sheet,
Personal reflections

4) Unit Self-Reflection
Must Haves:

• 1 Cover page with cover art and newspaper title. (Be creative do not name your newspaper "The Outsiders")

• 1 want ad (no more than 2 pages)

• A game: ex. Word search, or crossword using the vocabulary from the book

• 1 newspaper article about an event in the novel
Possible character names:
Ponyboy, Darrel, Sodapop, Cherry
A) In your groups, try your best to translate/define each word or phrase from the handout into modern day language (how it would sound today). If you are finished early, you may complete the bonus exercise at the end of this worksheet.
B) You will then will select a crucial scene (examples provided) from an assigned chapter to act out. Your group may use props and you will re-write the dialogue to a more modern setting, recognizing a more contemporary audience.
After, we will be organizing the plot of The Outsiders
You will choose a character from the book and identify and describe the character, labelling their feelings, behaviours, and presonality traits in the character map hand out.
You will choose a major character from The Outsiders to base your character sketch essay on.
Essays must include:
an introduction
body and,
a conclusion
This is a novel that is very relateable to this age group because it addresses issues that are difficult to discuss. This opens up a platform to discuss these relevant issues while incorporating the English curriculum.
The lessons are structured in such a way that they provide students with opportunities for ownership while allowing them to express themselves creatively.
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