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1.7 What Is It

No description

hilda tellez

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of 1.7 What Is It

What are the most important features of the design? What features allow it to perform its intended purpose?
One feature of this product is that it has three things in one.
A feature that allows it to perform is a button that you click on the side.
How does your product affect society and the environment?
It affects the environment because people don't have to pay for gas.
They also don't need to stop to pump up there tires.
What criteria were used to guide the design?
The criteria is that it is made of metal.

The size is 36 inches tall and 24 inches wide

It takes one or two weeks to build it.

What problem does it solve?
This machine solves you by stopping at a gas station when you are running out of gas.

It also helps you on pumping your tires when they are flat and you are traveling

This machine also has extra water if a car ever runs out of water.

What is it ?
My product is a pumping machine that has water, air and gas.
1.7 What Is It
Why is it important for engineers to be creative and think outside the box?
It is important because you could come up with different ideas.
What other characteristics do you believe engineers should possess in order to be successful problem solvers?
Some other characteristics are that they should come up with multiple ideas.
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