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Embrace Time and Organize

No description

Shannon Dattilo

on 8 April 2017

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Transcript of Embrace Time and Organize

Embrace Time & Organize

5-10 Minutes
Stretch your muscles.
Sit on your porch or deck.
Call a friend.
Read scripture or devotions.
Move your body.
Breathe deeply and let out a sigh..
Stroke your pet.
Listen to music.
Light a candle.
Enjoy your favorite beverage.
Give thanks.
Arrange some flowers in a vase.
Find a pleasing scent from essential oils or perfume.
Read a magazine.
Doodle or sketch.
Eat a sweet treat.
Pull weeds, pick up sticks or remove dead blooms.
10-30 Minutes
Read a book.
During lunch break, take a walk.
Visit a park.
Declutter something.
Take a bubble bath & soak in a tub.
Write or read poetry.
Play music on an instrument.
Engage in small acts of kindness.
Color a picture.
Eat a meal in silence.
Write in a journal.
Listen to a guided relaxation.
Fly a kite.
Write a letter.
Watch the stars or the clouds.
Do puzzles.
Take photographs.
Look through a photo album.
Walk your dog.
Relax in a spa or hot tub.

Presented By: Shannon Dattilo
30-60+ Minutes
Reconnect with your spouse.
Take a nap.
Learn something new.
Get a massage, a facial or a mani-pedi.
View some art.
Be artistic.
Drive somewhere new.
Go near a body of water (blue space).
Visit the farmers' market.
Watch something funny.
Go for a swim, a run or a bike ride.
Explore somewhere new while geocaching.
Go shopping for an outfit or shoes.
Cook or bake.
Take an exercise class.
Create a vision board or dream board.
Sew. Knit. Crochet. Quilt.
Go see a movie or a play.
Go fishing.
Keep things clutter free.
Put things in their place.
Teach kids to clean up after themselves.
Provide children with
a homework headquarters.
Do tasks
in tandem.
Prepare the night before.
Limit TV and
internet time.
Plan a
weekly menu.
Cook big batches
and freeze.
Keep the kitchen counter and sink clean.
Do several errands in one trip.
Do your
banking online.
Tidy up as you go.
Do circuit
training exercises.
Keep updated
shared family calendar.
Spend less time doing laundry by presorting in baskets.
Get a babysitter or swap babysitting.
Consider hiring someone for chores.
Make a detailed current projects list.
Keep your car
and purse orderly.
Get in
and out of the
grocery store with ease.
Organize and
purge paper mail
and emails daily.
Make the
most out of your weekend.
Create a family command center.
Give yourself grace.
Make yourself a priority, practice self-care and enjoy daily "me" time.
The most challenging area in my life is...

Something that I really want to organize is...
Can you connect with these concerns...
"Organization isn't about
perfection; it's about
efficiency, reducing stress
and clutter, saving time
and money and improving
your overall quality of life.” - Christina Scalise

Embrace time and organize, so that you can find more "me" time!
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