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Nestor Maldonado, Cayden McDaris


lib hist

on 5 September 2018

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Transcript of Nestor Maldonado, Cayden McDaris

Medal Of Honor
Desmond Doss

Born in Lynchburg, Virginia
fought in World War II
Was awarded the "Medal of Honor" by Harry S. Truman
Desmond Doss was a medic who faught in WW II, who's valor was something great. He ran into the front lines multiple times to save the lives of his wounded comrades while the enemy were pushing and without firing a single bullet.
Carter edward Junior
Carter Edward junior was a Sargent in world war 2 he was forced to take coer after being wounded fives times and 8 people on horseback tried to capture him but sike he killed six and captured two who he used as a shield and later got importent information from the soilders on a disposition of the enemy troops. He was born on may 26th in los angles, californa.

Don't Stop Won't Stop
By: Nestor Maldonado, Cayden McDaris

Carter was a sergeant,Desmond was a Private
Desmond saved 75 people
Desmond got a movie made after him

Neither died in the war
Both fought for the United States
They served in World War II
(In the year 3258, humanity has discovered a way to bring people consciousness's back to life and place it in a new host. Two of the people who were brought back are Desmond Doss and Carter Edward, "Mr.Doss How did it feel to save those men?"(*cut to Desmond Doss running to the battle field carrying a solider) "well..." (before he gets to answer the question,another guest asks Carter a question) "Mr. Edwards, how did it feel when you marched across the field? (*Flashback * carter marching through the field with two men, similar to that one scene in captain America: the first answer!) " Honestly..."(Mr. Edwards gets cutoff as well) Mr. Doss1 Mr. Edwards! ( repeat with camera Zooming on different guests calling them) ( with yelling in the back round, switch to Desmond's and Carter's, their faces torn from discomfort, to annoyance, to slight temper) "stop"! (they both yell) (room goes quiet) (they both notice) " sorry ewe just wanted it to sorta be quiet, exuse us. if you want to hear are story we'll gladly tell. ( The guests look at each other and then one raises their hands) sooo... what is your story? ( Flashback to Desmond running to front lines saving a man, taking a sniper shot but still going, Mr.Edwards using an enemy soldier as a shield, taking a bunch of shots but still going) (Desmond and Carter look at each other and smirk. And in unison) "well, it all started..."
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