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Who I Am

I am describing Who I am in my cultural background ways

Burhan Moallim

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of Who I Am

Who Am I
Burhan Moallim
Mr Salcan
Week 10
Personal profile
Family Background
My family background is Somalian and I love it there because it is where my parents use to live and grandparents now.Here is my mother and my grand parents.
Country name:
The continent that Somalia is in is Africa. Somalia is also found on the East coast of Africa.
Country name &
The name of my country background is Somalia. It happens to be a dry place but hopes for the future to be better.
Somalia's population size approximately is 10.5 million people. Which also might be bad for people dying constantly, that decreases the population.
Population size
I am an Australian Somalian who enjoys playing and having fun, and an awesome guy to my friends. I enjoy spending time out with my friends and family ,and also having a great time.
Main Religion

The official state religion of Somalia is Islam.98.6% of Somalis are muslims. The Somali follow the practices associated with Islam. They pray five times a day and do not eat pork products or drink alcohol. Men may have up to four wives at one time.

Land size
Somalia's land size is 637 657 km² which is also has a difference of 7 054 367 km squared apart from Australia.
The flag of Somalia was created in 1954 by Mohammed Awale Liban. The flag included a blue background and a white star in the middle.
National Sport
The national sport played in Somalia is soccer,which is also known to the whole world.This is one of somalias most famous soccer team.
Somalias national dishis rice,for which it is the easiest food for the Somalians to harvest, but we put other sides to bring a great taste.
National dish
Natural resources
Somalian Anthem
The natural sources in Somalia include uranium, iron ore, tin, gypsum, bauxite, copper, salt and natural gas.
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