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What are Animals 4th grade

No description

Rena Marcantoni

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of What are Animals 4th grade

Features of animals. What are Animals? Body Types Animals have many cells
Cannot make their own food
Simple animals: bodies with only a few
types of cells.
Example - sponges have a
bag-type body
Worms have a tube-type body and
have more body parts
than bag-type animals. Vocabulary vertebrate: animals with a backbone
ex: birds, snakes, bats and humans
invertebrates: animals that do not have a
arthropods: largest group of invertebrates that
have legs with several joints
ex: ants, spiders, and crabs Complex animals Most animals we know are complex animals.
body made up of many parts.
Ex: snail has a shell that supports and
protects its body. a head that contains
sense organs and a mouth.
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