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Formation of Sedimentary Rocks and Fossil Fuels

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Bethany Jones

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Formation of Sedimentary Rocks and Fossil Fuels

Formation of Sedimentary Rocks and Fossil Fuels
What is a Sedimentary Rock?
What is a fossil fuel?
1. Coal
2. Oil
3. Natural Gas
What do they have in common?
*Sedimentary Rocks and Fossil Fuels are all formed when they have:

1. Lots of TIME.
2. Lots of PRESSURE.
3. Lots of HEAT.
Formation of Sed. Rocks:
1. Sedimentary Rocks: sediments, minerals, and organic matter cemented together!

2. Layers build on top of each other.
3. More layers put Pressure on the bottom and they cement into one rock!
Formation of Coal
1. Plants died and fell into swamp water.
2. Instead of decaying, they turned into peat.
3. Over time, sediments made layers on top of the peat.

4. The sediment put pressure and added heat on the peat.
5. After being under pressure and heat for a long time, hard types of coal formed!
Formation of Oil and Natural Gas
1. Tiny living things called plankton died and sank to the bottom of the water.
2. The dead plankton mixed with mud to make organic matter.
3. Over time, sediment covered the organic matter.
4. The layers of sediment, added heat and pressure to the organic matter until it started to form oil and natural gas.
It all starts with...
Sedimentary rocks can only form when weathering, erosion, and deposition happen.
Weathering _______ it!
Erosion _________ it!
Deposition ______ it!
*Wind, waves, flowing water or ice will lay down sediments during deposition.
**Organic Matter is the remains of anything that was once living including animals and plants!!
Built up layers of organic material become...
Sedimentary Rocks and Fossil Fuels
Once upon a time, there was a swamp.
The swamp was full of minerals.

Over time, sediments were washed or blown into the swamp.
Organic material such as plants died and sunk to the bottom.
Over many years, more sediment was deposited into the swamp and landed on top of the previous layer.

Heat and pressure, along with the minerals, caused the layers to harden together. The organic material slowly changed into sedimentary rock and the fossil fuel coal we use today.
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