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Representation of Age

vers voedsel op school

Daniel Hunt

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of Representation of Age

√ Ω ¬ ∫ ∆ ∑ ∫√Ω∂∑¬ Camera Work Sound Editing

LOGISTIEK Representation of Age
in Television Drama:
'Eastenders' CAMERAWORK Continuity Shot; lady of a older generation overlooking
two other characters, represents a parent-like figure and
being the wizer Over the Sholder Shot; Two middle aged adults with the use of the over the sholder shot we are able to see their reactions quickly, representing a busy lifestyle Reaction Shot/ Shot Reverse Shot; Reverses the stereotype of the wizer older population as the young woman is talking down to the older lady Over the Sholder Shot: Invoved in a converstion where we are able to see what the age group 30-40 year olds invove themselves in. The adults can hold a normal calm conversation until the older lady becomes involved, it becomes upbeat and slightly argumentative. The young boy has a deep voice and seems quite controlling of the people he communicates with. Adult shouts at the beginning of the scene, due to his reaction to the loud knocking on his front door. DIAGETIC Mise - En - Scene SETTING PROPS COSTUME NON - DIAGETIC The sirens, along with the indication of a policeman, helps represent the police station. Teacups and the clashing of plates inside of the Cafe add to the effect that they are inside of a realistic cafe Being based in East London, we are able to see that Eastenders is Working Class based. In the passage in the house, where the argument first takes place, reflected in the lack of light that is in the passage at the time, creating an awkward setting. The setting of having Phil Mitchell along with Billy Mitchell, the way the shot is set up with Billy in the foreground and a sence of resentment from him, haviung an authoritive figure behind him, Phil, we see that he is reasured from his position that he is in The clothes worn by a younger females in the example of Stacy, is obvious in the distinction between generations In comparison, the clothes worn by somebody around their 30s and 40s would wear more casual clothing and would still dress in a smart way, in light of Stacy's choice of clothing Non-diagetic sounds such as the ones mentioned before, played over characters dialogue and conversations. Presenting a variety of scenes to show a number of situations/stories occurring during one episode. Next Shot: Man walks through hallway, situated to the left of the camera shot, whilst it switched over to another scene, a young male exiting a convenience store, where the exit is also situated to the left of the camera shot.. A real boxer dog, where the character is being paid to walk the dog around the square. Mug, saucer and plate both with food and drink, where he is eating a meal in the local squares café. Toys for the toddlers to play with in the front room.
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