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a girls coming of age

This rite of passage is viewed in comparision to three different cultures; Igbo tribe, UK/US and Spain. For a school assignment.

Bianca Porter

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of a girls coming of age

A girls coming of age
By Bianca Porter
This will be researched through 3 different cultural communities including:
the igbo tribe located in Nigeria, Africa
United States/ United Kingdom sweet 16th
and Latin and hispanic (Spanish) quinceañeras
The igbo tribe
is one of three tribes in Nigeria, Africa
over 2000 years old
when the British colonized Nigeria much of their culture was lost
the rite of passage
is a ritual called mbanye ebe or sometimes called ahia ebe or imeebe
performed to celebrate and mark the tranistion of the children becoming respnisible adults
how it is performed
the education begins around the age of 9 to 12
in this period the girls are educated by their mothers, aunts and grandmothers
they are taught cooking, cleaning, hair braiding, body paint, sex education and family values
on the ceremony day they whole tribe gathers (including eligible bachelors) to watch the girls wrestle, dance and eat in the village square
the girls are dressed beautifully for the occasion with body paint, hair beads and beads around the waist
the girls are then generally married and become mothers within 6 months
a developed country
third largest country
around 12000 years old
worth around 1.4 quadrillion in total
the rite of passage
a birthday party to celebrate a girls 'sweet sixteenth'
celebrated with a big party usually with friends not family
to mark the age of becoming legal and to be able to drive
how it is performed
it is a more informal and social event with friends
underage drinking can take place
there is dancing, music, talking, chilling and talking
the birthday girl receives presents
the rite of passage
performed in Latin/spanish countries
called a Quinceañera
celebrates a girls journey from childhood (15) to maturity
religion is predominantly roman-Catholic
over 20% of the population is in poverty
empolyment rate is over 25%
government is corrupt
how it is performed
a formal event
ball gowns and tuxedos
usually begins with a religious ceremony
the girl receives certain gifts; such as a Quinceanera doll, jewelery, tiara and bible
Thankyou for watching
the igbo tribe relates the girls coming of age to puberty, a physical change rather than a certain age. When the coming of age happens the girl is expected to take responisbiltity, get married, have children and take her place in the tribe.
in America, coming of age is related to a specific age not physical differences or maturity. very little responsibility takes place and the girl remains to act like a child until later years with little legal rights
following the spanish Quinceanera little responsibility is assumed by the girl as she gradually learns the adult roles over the following years. Quite simillar to the American culture despite the different ceremonies
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