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on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Oregon

in world war two the Oregon's had to fight and collect scrap metal and help with war.
Oregon by Cole Vanderport

The key lime pie outlet is a big deal around origin.
Phase 3
his is Rockaway beach it is very close to a city.
the capital of Oregon is in Salem
it is number 5 in the Oregon's best pies
a pro baker use to be one of the chefs.
the Louis and Clark Expedition was not stable so they had to sleep outside on the first day
they spent there winter there
they were hungry and there was bad weather and grizzly bears there
it was made out of logs but it wasnt made by luis and clark
they make special pies for celebrities
it has the populatoin every summer day of at least 900 each day.
its one of the biggest beaches in Oregon .
this beach is line up exactly on the coast
there is a golden statue at the top to represent the capital of Oregon
it is the 7 biggest capitail in america
they made a rule that u cant eat penut butter arond the capital because the senators are alergic.

this is Black Butte Ranch.
its one of the best places to camp in Oregon.
it has a great veiw from the water people say it looks 3D.
it has more plains then water through out the land of oregon
Healthcare occupations
make up and effects artist
the japanese surprise attacked America and the Oregon's were scared on what was going to happen.
many Oregon's lost there homes.

America was preying for Oregon to make the weapons in time.
the pacific coast has more cliffs then any state along the coast.
some of the the cliffs are taller then 6000 feet
some of the cliffs were disguised and looked liked tree's
the cliffs can fall after 9 years
the state abbreviation is OR
there are 30 state senators
there is 4 democrats and 1 republican
there is 36 counties
1.state animal beaver
2.state rock thunder egg
3.state flower Oregon grape
4.state shell Oregon Triton
5.state fish Chinook salmon
6.state gemstone sunstone
7.state tree dougles fir
8.state NBA team trail blazers
9.state nut is hazelnuts
10.state fruit is pears!!!!!!
Physical map
political map
road map
topographic map
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