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B04 Unit 12 H.E.R.

No description

on 1 March 2016

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Transcript of B04 Unit 12 H.E.R.

My favorite soccer player is Paolo Guerrero.
What other jobs do you know?
Do students in Peru have jobs?
Which jobs are good for Yana?
What’s the first job?
What kind of jobs do they have?
The first job is ...
The hours are ...
What are the hours like?
The jobs that are good for Yana are ...
- I work
an airline. It’s great!
- Hey, I have
new job!
real? Where
da ya
For real? Where do you work?
I work for an airline. It’s great!
Hey, I have a new job!
Hey, I have a new job!
For real? Where do you work?
I work for an airline. It's great!
He’s really
, and

My best friend works for Will Smith.
What's he like?
It’s really
, and
What's that like?
Are you serious?
My cousin lives in Paris.
He’s really
, and

Really? What's he like?
I visit Larcomar every week.
Really? What’s that like?
It's really
Do Yuko and Davi like their jobs?
Can you guess the responsibilities and the requirements?
What are the job requirements?
They are to ...
They are to ...
Is this a good job for Anthony?
The job pays ...
How much does the job pay?
What are the job responsibilities?
Are the jobs in B interesting to you?
Why or why not?
Why or why not?
Yes, they do. I think they like their jobs because ...
No, they don't. I think they don't like their jobs because ...
Yes, they are. I like ... because ...
No, they're not. I don't like ... because ...
Why or why not?
What other jobs can he get with his skills?
Another job he can get is ... because ...
Yes, I think it's a good job because ...
No, I don't think it's a good job because ...
Can he cook?
Can he box?
No, he can’t.
Yes, he can.
Can she sing?
Can she box?
Yes, she can.
No, she can’t.
Can he sing?
Yes, he can.
What can I do? I can do many things, but something I’m really good at is playing soccer. I can play soccer really well. I love to play and I practice almost everyday. I usually go to the park with my friends to play some games. I can do many tricks with the soccer ball.
So, what can you do?
Another thing I can do is cook. I really like cooking and I cook everyday for my family. They love all the meals I prepare for them. Their favorite dish is my Arroz con Pollo. It’s delicious. I can also prepare other dishes like Papa a la Huancaina and Lomo Saltado.
What can you do very well?
What would you like to learn?
I can ...
I would like to learn how to ...
(extra information)
Write about two of your abilities.
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