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Differences and Similarities of Music From the 1960's and Today

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Aaron Indof

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Differences and Similarities of Music From the 1960's and Today

Differences in Music from the 1960's and Today Past Genre A Rock 'n' Roll Revolution Today's Genre Pop and Hip-Hop absolutely run today's music industry. Cost of Music in the Past Quite Expensive! Records could be up to an entire dollar in the 60's! Cost of Music Today Albums are relatively cheap. Justin Beiber's new album can be purchased as low as $9.99 which includes over fifteen songs. Similarity Meaningful lyrics bring the two decades together. Original Handwriiten Beatles Lyrics Simalarity One Dollar One Dollar Talent of the 1960's Talent was actually a part of music before believe it or not. The Beatles live at Shea Stadium Talent Today Talent is not neccesary in today's music industry. Autotune is the only thing a singer needs nowadays. Simalarity Pop music and pop singers will always be the same Sandy Indof 16 Years Old in 1963 Sources http://hub.webring.org/hub/psychodelic67. "The 60's Reader" by James Haskins and Kathleen Benson http://find.galegroup.com/.
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