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CRB: Good Research Practices, Part I

A community resource building exercise completed in connection with UA Soc596 with Professor Jennifer Earl

R Heavlow

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of CRB: Good Research Practices, Part I

Establish Good Research Practices
Part I:

Good Research

If you think your work
then takes steps to ensure
that you do it well.
Think of the process of making twins
Verified results

can be "identical," reproduced using the same data and procedure for analysis, or "fraternal," derived from different data but use
the same procedure for analysis.
Using Stata
researchers from making biased decisions that favor their arguments or conning the public as each step in the analysis process is available.
probability of error from human fallibility.
Cuts down
on the time and expense associated with recreating the wheel -- for researcher and others.
Work better, not harder!
Positively impacts your ability to handle your growing list of responsibilities.

Boice finds that those who work most efficiently, have the best work/life balance, experience more positive outcomes, and are
Simple and clever!
Cuts down on errors because there are fewer moving parts of which to keep track.
Long, J. Scott. 2009. The Workflow of Data Analysis Using Stata. College Station, TX: Stata Press
Freese, J. 2007. “Replication Standards for Quantitative Social Science: Why Not Sociology?”, Sociological Methods & Research, 36: 153
Good Research Practices
Short-Term Investment with Long-Term Returns!
Efficiency and Elegance
Using Stata
OH CRAP moments
are kept to a minimum when you comment your decision making process along the way. Your future self will thank your current self for confirming that you completed all the appropriate steps.
to datasets can be loaded quickly cutting down on the time needed to rerun your analysis.
Using Stata
- trick Stata into doing what you want when it doesn't know it can.
- fewer lines of code makes your programming easy to follow.
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