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Beijing China's and Stolkholm Sweden's Significant Physical and Natural Features

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Vaishala Thirugnanasampanthar

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Beijing China's and Stolkholm Sweden's Significant Physical and Natural Features

Beijing China's Physical and Natural Features
Beijing China is known for it's unique and intriguing structures, both physical (Natural) and human-made. The landmarks or Beijing would include both natural and human made. First off would be one one the most well known feature which attracts tourists and attention. This is the Great Wall of China which extends across Beijing. This unique structure, with it's impressive history is a tourist's destination! The amazing temples built in Beijing would also be include in one of the tourist attractions in Beijing. Coming onto the physical features, The Changbai Mountains is a tourist attraction as a result of being home to a rare species, and also many great rivers and canals. Overall, with the majority of the city being urban communities, the technology and human-made structures along with the historical and cultural human made component is what brings in tourists to Beijing. As far as physically, the natural sites, specifically the mountains, lakes, valleys, caves and waterfalls are an attraction as well being famous for spectacular views and impressive landmarks.
Physical and Human-Made Features of Stockholm and Beijing
Stockholm, Sweden's Physical and Natural Features
Stockholm is filled with landmarks and features that is an ideal spot for tourists. First of all, the fact that it sits on water (Is surrounded by water) is a very popular, physical feature. This is something that makes this capital's landscape all the more unique and out of the ordinary. The natural reserves and parks make this place filled with tourists as well which contrasts with the capital's history of environmentally unsafe actions with pollution etc. The commonly seen rivers and lakes also would be a tourist attraction. As far as the human-made aspect, the old feel that the city's historical towns gives with it's designs and homes and neighborhoods is a part of what brings in tourists. Historical landmarks such as Historical Museums, Palaces and Cathedrals which are centuries old add to the human-made memorable features of Stockholm.
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