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World Wide Wellbeing

No description

Claire Schreiber

on 14 August 2016

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Transcript of World Wide Wellbeing

World Wide Wellbeing
Why is this important?

What's the point of trying to achieve World Wide Wellbeing?
Want a productive person? workforce? country?

If you were given the chance to make your country the HEALTHIEST one in the world...
...what would you change?
A better question might be...
"Is that even possible?"

Do we have data on wellbeing?
Do we know how to improve wellbeing?
Do we have the necessary tools?

{Actually, yes.}

{Challenging, right?}

Yes, we can do that.
However, an effort to accomplish something as big as "World Wide Wellbeing" will need to put all of those things -- science, data, and tools -- together in order to take action.
This is really about creating a MOVEMENT towards whole-person wellbeing, for all people,
And, we need your help.
Partnership is what makes this VERY big idea possible.
Combining the strength of the public and private sectors could make this audacious idea of a global wellbeing movement
{Now, back to our original question.}

What would we change to create the healthiest countries?

We'd shift the focus to WELLBEING

What exactly is wellbeing, you ask?
Many have defined and measured it:
Find more information at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jxgkol6ilprslqh/WWW%20Healthways%20Fort%20Worth%20Blue%20Zones%20Value%20Brief%20THR%20v2%208%2027%2014docx.pdf?dl=0
Well being: A state of balance or alignment in body, mind, and spirit.
Find more information at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uzihkmh7abwq01d/WWW%20research%20Measure%20What%20Matters%20Report.pdf?dl=0
Gallup and Healthways created the Gallup-Healthways Global Well-Being Index to measure well-being worldwide.
Find more information at: http://www.gallup.com/poll/128186/gallup-healthways-index-work.aspx
Find more information at: http://www.oecd.org/statistics/datalab/bli.htm
Our goal is to move from measurement of wellbeing to

For more information, visit http://wrgh.org/TLR_Wellbeing.asp.
Ready to join us?

Contact Jon Comola at jrcomola@wrgh.org or
Chris McSwain at cmcswain@aasonn.com.
We plan to take:

Leveraging the power of storytelling, starting at the individual level
creating public-private partnerships to jump-start synergies
"The Worldwide Wellbeing Challenge will attract and inspire strategic partnerships, work across public and private sectors, and engage business and social enterprises and NGO’s to develop and deploy sustainable and replicable solutions at the community, country and global levels. Moreover the advancement of a well being movement will change the hearts and minds of people, how they see themselves and the world around them optimizing every human being potential!"


How will we do it?
The Challenge
Let's start a global movement through global action.
We want to pragmatically enable each person, worldwide, to be all they can be.
World Wide Wellbeing
Who Is Involved?
What is the Timeline?
We brought together leaders at the forefront of wellbeing research who are ready to take on this challenge:
Five Advisories were created and staffed to break developmental steps into a logical progression, aligning our Delegates' experience to this initiative.
Advisories Include the following areas:
(Bill Novelli, Chair)
Products and Services
(Ben Leedle, Invited Chair)
International Relationships
(Valentine Douala-Mouteng, Chair)
Business Development
(Mike Critelli, Chair)
Phase 1:

Phase 2:

Phase 3:

Launch World Wide Wellbeing
Before we really dive into what this is all about, we want to ask you a couple of questions.
What Will Each Advisory Do?
Movement Advisory:
Identify strategies to enable a global wellbeing movement; incorporate the person-to-person, storytelling component of the initiative.

Metrics Advisory:
Organize existing data from Gallup and OECD. Develop parameters of the wellbeing definition, relying on existing metrics. Determine the criteria for assessing a country’s/region’s state of readiness for optimal wellbeing. Display this along a continuum commensurate with said country’s/region’s resources.

Products and Services Advisory:
Create strategies to enable participating organizations to deploy their products and services to support wellbeing objectives.

International Relationships Advisory:
Ensure the work is truly global in scope. Review the work plans developed by other Advisories to ensure they are global. Develop a list and broker collaboration with other like-minded global and country-wide organizations. Develop strategies to build on existing wellbeing initiatives identified through research. Work to create synergies and partnerships to allow us to complement other efforts for profit and non profit.

Business Relationships Advisory:
Develop partnerships, financial strategies, and business plans to sustain the enterprise in the short term and long term. Work with global for profit, not for profit, civil society, and NGO’s to frame funding strategies in support of objectives.
Because (as you might have already guessed) something this big can seem about as easy as boiling the ocean.
Marty Leinwand, Healthways
Chris McSwain, Aasonn
Jon Comola, CEO and Chairman of Wye River Group on Healthcare
David Eisenberg, MD, Samueli Institute & Harvard School of Public Health
Marty Davis, AARP Director of Media Relations (retired)
Monica Sharma, MD, Institute of Noetic Sciences
Gerald Solomon, Executive Director for the Samueli Foundation overseeing Samueli Philanthropy
Gary Earl, 2013 Health and Well-Being Ambassador
Ben Leedle, former President, Healthways
Bill Novelli, ‎Founder, Global Social Enterprise Initiative at Georgetown McDonough School of Business
Cathy Baase, Global Director Health Services, The Dow Chemical Company
Bonnie Sakallaris, PhD, RN, Vice President, Samueli Institute Optimal Healing Environments
Cornelius Pietzner, Alterra Impact Finance

Francesca Colombo, OECD
Jack Hidary, Founder, X Prize
Jon Clifton, President, Gallup
Marco Mira, OECD
Dr. Hyong, Aetna
Jamie Brunner, ZP
Jack Mahoney, Invited
Russ Bantham, former general counsel to PhRMA
Laura Carabello, CPR
Wayne B. Jonas, MD, President and CEO, Samueli Institute
Dave Nassef, Pitney Bowes
Jason Morgan, GE Health
Ryan Benn, Teldon and APG
Joe Daly, Gallup
Valentine Douala-Mouteng, Pan African Business Council
Sergio Delbarco, British Telecom
Mike Critelli (former Pitney Bowes)
Joe Carabello CPR
Bruce Sherman, Zerox

WWW Partners and Delegates
Find more information at: http://www.gallup.com/poll/183710/americas-lead-highs-sub-saharan-africa-lows.aspx
Find more information at: http://www.gallup.com/poll/183710/americas-lead-highs-sub-saharan-africa-lows.aspx
In order to advance a global movement for wellbeing WWW will:

Create an annual global awards event featuring regions/countries that compete to be recognized for their advancement of wellbeing

Using the WWW definition of wellbeing, we will measure regions/countries readiness to advance wellbeing

Conduct continental conferences that promote awareness of the benefits of striving for optimal wellbeing bringing private and public sectors together to collaborate (top down)

Maintain a website that serves as a communication platform used to communicate individual stories (bottom up), better wellbeing practices, and a library of case study better practices and a resource of subject matter experts

Develop a short film that demonstrates the journey of advancing wellbeing and it benefits

Maintain a resource guide to organizations that provide services and products that enhance wellbeing

Maintain a reference guide on wellbeing related topics through articles, video and presentations
WWW Design Elements:
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