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Middle School

No description

mary ascione

on 24 August 2011

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Transcript of Middle School

Middle Schooling (and beyond) at OCC Year 7 started at OCC in 2008.
Middle schooling in Australia started at least 30 years ago...I know as I went to a middle school in Adelaide. Middle schooling is just GOOD teaching!
However we are teaching young adolescents
who are going through major
spiritual, academical, emotional, physical and social changes. We have had numerous staff meetings over the last three years where we have pushed the ideas of:
* Collaborative learning
* Interdiscpinary teaching
* Using more and more ICT for our 21st century learner We won a National Middle Years of Schooling award for
our Year 9 Applied Learning course. With teachers presenting the project at an International conference. Outside of the College... Through grants such as AGQTP - We have had teachers across the NT Catholic system go to middle schooling conferences In our staff meetings we also heard from educational experts such as Judith Baenan (middle years) & Ken Robinson (bringing students' creativity back into the curriculum)
* As a middle school staff we have discussed what we believe authentic teaching and learning is...
* and what PD we may be able to offer in these MS meetings This year I want to focus on our students at OCC and what their specific needs are across years 7 to 12 Students we currently have at OCC in 2011:

* over half of this year's Year 7 students came from government schools

* We gained 28 new students in Years 8 - 11 But as teachers from Gen X or older, we may feel more like Ansgar at the "medieval help desk" when it comes to technology. So where are we as teachers heading in 2011 and beyond at OCC? What are our professional responsibilities? Know our students - skills test, NAPLAN,RAAD, observations, talk to previous teachers... Have a go at using various technology tools in and outside of the classroom...like I am now with "prezi". Try different pedagogies
to discover what works well with our individual classes. Finally - I will now show you how to...
* Access the information about your students for your programs
* A "food for thought" about teaching - Richard Semler. I am going to be a STATS woman this year :) These teachers then became a part of a Professional Learning Community (PLC) sharing their learning with teachers in their own schools as well as other local teachers in Darwin, Katherine and Alice Springs. * 31% Catholic, 57% non identified religion and 11% other religions

* We have Indigenous students * We have 48 identifiable ESL students

* 24 identified special needs students BUT only 14 funded

...how many are not identified...
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