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Pokemon history for my story

As the title implies, this is for a Pokemon story that I'm making at home. It includes Melody(Meloetta), Shadow(Darkrai), Moon(Mew), Phoenix(Moltres), Light(Cresselia), and Thyme(Celebi)

Chloe Barnard

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Pokemon history for my story

Melody the Meloetta
Melody is a unique Pokemon. She can change from male to female at anytime. She can sing Relic Song to turn into a fighting type. One time she flew away from a Celebi in the forest.
Shadow the Darkrai
Shadow can turn into... well, a shadow at will and sneak up on other Pokemon. He does this to Melody to tease her. He competes with Moon for Melody.
Moon the Mew
Moon is a shiny Mew. He might look cute and adorable, but in reality, he is a pervert. He tries to hit on Melody all the time and it makes Shadow jealous.
Phoenix the Moltres
Phoenix is a very hyper Pokemon. She flies all around all day. She looks into the forest (Where Melody, Moon, and Shadow are) and wants to see what's there. She argues with Thyme a lot.
Light the Cresselia
Light can bring light anywhere she wants. She was at war with Shadow. She watches over Phoenix and Thyme. She is nice, but she can turn in an instant.
These three Pokemon were friends during the war between Darkrai and Cresselia.
These three Pokemon were also friends during the war between Darkrai and Cresselia.
Thyme the

Thyme is a very energetic Pokemon. She likes to fly around, play with the others, and explore the forest.She is kinda crazy, so Phoenix and Light didn't believe her when she said she saw a Meloetta in the forest.
But, there isn't always peace in the land of Pokemon.
Volt the Jolteon
Volt stays near the border to watch everything. He tried to attack Melody, and he shocked her and chased her across the border where Phoenix and Thyme had to take her back. Volt likes to cause tons of trouble and attack anything and anyone he can.
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