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Emily Turch

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Australia

What are the ways in which people's dignity is or is not respected in this way of living?
Non-Indigenous Australians don't give a broad range of opportunities for Indigenous Australian's futures and still treat them as though they are second best. One of the previous Prime Ministers, Kevin Rudd has said sorry for treating all the Indigenous Australians different but some Australians still treat them like second best.
Caritas in Australia
What is the issue facing this country?
What are the facts about this issue?
What are the consequences of this way of living?
Who has responsibilities for this issue and what are they?
Indigenous Australians have a lower life expectancy than the overall Australian population.
The rate of Australian Indigenous babies dying in the first year of their life is 2 times higher than other Australian babies.

In 2004-5 more indigenous people were dying from diabetes or high blood sugar levels, 3 times more than non-indigenous Australians.
When the issue of lots more Indigenous Australians were dying reached non-indigenous Australians, the Indigenous lost more of their pride, their communities were judged and their education wasn't as common as it was before.
Prime Minister: He/she is in charge of the country and has a say on what goes on and how he/she and the country can help. He/she can also help with medication and health for the Indigenous Australians.

We can also help by supporting the Indigenous Australians and making them feel as though we are all one big happy family because this is their country too!
How does the fifth commandment relate to this issue?
'You shall not kill' is related to this issue because we are trying our hardest to give medication and help to the Indigenous Australians but somethings just don' help. No one is killing the Indigenous Australians it's just that they don't have has much medication as us to survive.
We should also donate more money to Caritas so
mor e Indigenous Australians can be helped.
Caritas Australia
Google Images
Thank You!
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