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Copy of Life Science Enviropig

No description

Jillian Wong

on 24 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Life Science Enviropig

Done by: Kezia Lam (18), Megan Chu (22),
Nicole Ng (24), Tisha Lim (31) and Jillian Wong (34) EnviroPig DIE High in Phosphorus Normal Yorkshire pigs excrete waste that has a high phosphorus content which is harmful to the environment. Phosphorus is the major nutrient enabling algal growth that is the leading cause of fish kills resulting from anoxic conditions, and reduced water quality. When the excrete of the EnviroPig is spread on land in areas of intense swine production, there is less potential of phosphorus to leach into freshwater ponds, streams and rivers. Reason for creation of EnviroPig Reason for creation of EnviroPig Normal pigs’ excrete contains phosphorus due to the food they eat, which is cereal grains including corn, soybean and barley. Contains corn, soybean and barley Reason for creation of EnviroPig By creating the Enviropig, these EnviroPigs are able to digest the phosphorus in phytic acid found in the cereal grains by producing enzyme phytase in their salivary glands.
Hence there is no need to include a mineral phosphate or commercially produced phytase to balance the diet, which is normally carried out for normal pigs.
By creating the EnviroPig, it would also help the environment as its excrete would carry less phosphorus. Why? This is because... You got Mail! From: The Creators of Enviropig The EnviroPig was created by combining one gene from a bacteria that makes the enzyme phytase, with another very small portion of a gene from a mouse that controls the production of proteins secreted in the salivary gland.  Technology Mouse’s Saliva From: Me
To: The Scientist
How did you do it, Mr Scientist? Insert into Technology These genes were inserted into a fertilized pig embryo by pronuclear microinjection, and this embryo along with other embryos was surgically implanted into the reproductive area of a female pig during its period of maximum sexual receptivity. Next Technology After a 114 day gestation period, the piglets born were checked for the presence of the transgene and for phytase enzyme activity in the saliva. Through breeding, this line of pigs is in the 10th generation, and the phytase trait is stably transmitted in a manner where the genes are passed down from the parents to their young. 10th Generation Impact on the Environment It reduces water pollution- if phosphorus leaches into ponds, streams, and rivers, increasing the phosphorus content, an essential nutrient for algae growth, it will cause algae to grow faster and reduce the amount of oxygen in the pond, killing the fishes and other aquatic animals, so less phosphorus will leach into the water bodies if pigs feaces do not contain phosphorus.
More expensive manure phosphorus application limit could be avoided
Overall phosphorus pollution reduction I think the enviropig KEEL environment leh FRIEND Really meh? Dear Mr Scientist,
Do enviropigs help or harm the environment? Dear Student,
Of course it helps the environment! Meat Production Energy required for Impact on Mankind Reduce energy requirement for meat production-Only one calorie of food energy at the supermarket is produced for every 10 calories of fossil-fuel energy used in production. Cheaper and more productive Because Normal Pigs Impact on the Economy Reduces the cost of feed.
Farmers will face difficulty selling their normal pigs if Enviropigs prove to be cheaper and more productive and people will want to eat something that is environmentally friendly. There are also PROS and CONS to enviropigs Pros Reduced feed cost
Reduced phosphorus pollution between 20%-60%
Less opportunity for pollution of water sources
Produces extra milk for its offsprings
Increases the amount of nutritional content in its pork which is usually found in fishes
Environmentally friendly as it reduces waste production
Economic gains for farmers as they do not have to dispose the waste of the enviropigs Cons Not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration or Health Canada
People do not approve eating the pig
They may be allergies in the meat, and may cause illnesses such as kidney failure if too much phosphorous is present in our body
May be costly Some Bioethical Issues Bioethical Issues People may be allergic to enviropork
Side effects may be seen in humans after a long time
People are against biotechnology
Enviropigs are not able to survive on their own in the wild as they are too dependent on humans future of enviropig Future Scope In early April 2012, Ontario pork farmers have decided to pull their financial support for the controversial, multimillion-dollar Enviropig research project at the University of Guelph, as they decided that it was time to shift its research dollars to focus on such areas as efficient production methods and consumer research. The University of Guelph insists the project will continue, but with a reduced scope. That means breeding of the animals will stop and the current herd might be put to death. But even then, lab research can continue using the project's banks of tissue and semen. Future Scope “Enviro-pig certainly does not have the public’s support,” Lucy Sharatt, Coordinator of the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN) said, later adding that the Canadians widely reject GM products.
“It threatens pork markets. It’s clear the public does not want genetically-modified food animals, said Paul Slomp, Youth Vice-President of the National Farmers Union, in the same press conference.
At this rate, the Enviropig's future is very bleak as it is widely rejected by the public and does not have enough funds. THE END
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