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Domain 4:

No description

Autumn Mitchell

on 28 July 2014

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Transcript of Domain 4:

Reflect on Teaching

Accurate Records

Communicating with Families


Growing/Developing Professionally

Demonstrating Professionalism
Domain 4:

Professional Responsibilities

* Accuracy

* Use in Future Teaching
4A: Reflecting on Teaching Overview
* Teacher has no suggestions on how to improve a lesson

* Teacher says, "That was awful! I wish I knew what to do."

4A: Ineffective
* Teacher makes general suggestions about how lesson should be improved for future

* Teacher says, "I guess that went okay."
4A: Developing
*Teacher makes thoughtful and accurate assessment of lesson effectiveness

*Draw on extensive repertoire of skills

*Teacher offers specific alternative actions

*Teacher says, "Lesson went well but I am disappointed with how the group in back performed."

4A: Exemplary
* Student Completion of Assignments

*Student Progress in Learning

* Non-Instructional Records
4B: Maintaining Accurate Records Overview
* Progress in learning is resulting in errors and confusion

* No system of records or records in disarray

* Student says, "I am sure I turned in assignment, but teacher lost it."

4B: Ineffective
* Teacher's records for are only partially effective or may contain errors

*Records are difficult to understand

* Teacher may say,"I've got all of these notes on student data, I just don't have time to put it in."
4B: Developing

*Teacher makes accurate assessments of lesson effectiveness

* Makes specific suggestions of what could be tried next time lesson is taught

*Teacher says, "I wasn't pleased with the level of engagement of the students."

4A: Accomplished
4B: Accomplished
*Instructional records are fully effective

*Teacher is efficient and effective at allowing students to see progress

4B: Exemplary

*Teacher system is fully effective and students participate in maintaining records

*Students know how to use and communicate data through data folders

4C: Communicating with Families
* Engagement of families in instructional programs
4C: Ineffective
*No attempt to engage families

*Parent may say,"I would like know what my kid is working on."
4C: Developing
*Teacher makes sporadic attempts to communicate with families

*Teachers send home school or district created instructional materials

* Parent says, "I emailed the teacher about my child's struggles in math, but all I received back was a note he was doing fine."
4C: Accomplished
*Teacher communicates frequently w/ families about student progress & attempts to engage families in instructional programs

* Teacher sends newsletters home or progress reports
4C: Exemplary
* Teacher communicates frequently and sensitively w/ students contributing

* Students have a daily reflective log that goes home each week
4D: Participating in
Professional Community Overview
*Relationships with Colleagues

*Culture of Professional Inquiry

*Participation in School and District Projects

4D: Ineffective
* Negative relationships with colleagues

*Avoids becoming involved in school events or projects

* Teacher says, "I work from 8:30 to 4:30 and not a minute more!"
4D: Developing
* Teacher has cordial relationships and participates when asked or invited

* Principal says, "I wish I didn't have to ask for volunteers every time I needed a chaperone."
4D: Accomplished
* Teacher relationships are cooperative and teacher volunteers at school events

* Basketball coach says," I will chaperone dance. Most of my athletes will be there anyway."
4D: Exemplary
* Relationships characterized by mutual support and cooperation

* Teacher takes leadership role with faculty and participates

* Teacher leads a book study or annual event
4E: Growing & Developing Professionally Overview
* Enhancement of content knowledge

* Receptive to Feedback

* Service to Profession
4E: Ineffective
* Teacher engages in no professional development

*Resists feedback on performance & does not share knowledge

* Teacher endures annual principal observations knowing that if she waits long enough, the principal will eventually leave!
4E: Developing
* Very limited participation in professional activities

*Accepts very little feedback

* Teacher listens to principal feedback but is not sure the recommendation applies to them
4E: Accomplished
* Seeks out professional development and welcomes feedback

*Participates actively in assisting others

*Teacher enjoys principal observations and always leads to informal conversation at lunch.
4E: Exemplary
*Seeks out professional development

*Seeks out feedback from colleagues and principals

* The teacher's principal rarely observes the classroom so she conducts action research for her own benefit.
4F: Showing Professionalism Overview
* Integrity and ethical conduct

* Service to Students


* Decision Making

*School & District Regulations
4F: Ineffective
* Teacher displays dishonesty

* Teacher is very self-serving

* Does not comply with regulations

* Teacher does not connect with students
4F: Developing
* Teachers are honest in interactions

* Attempts to serve students but inconsistent

* Teacher does not notice that school practices result in poor conditions for students
4F: Accomplished
* Displays high standards of honesty, integrity, and confidentiality

* Being fair to all students

* Maintains open mind and complies with regulations

* Teacher is trusted when information is shared by grade partners
4F: Exemplary
* Teachers takes leadership role with colleagues

* Can be counted on holding the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and confidentiality

*Highly proactive in serving students

* Teacher asks principal for help when she realizes a colleague has been making disparaging comments about some disadvantaged students
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