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Three Branches of Government

A brief overview of the three branches of government.

Brooke Larson

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Three Branches of Government

Our Roots:
The Constitution The Executive Branch The Judicial Branch Legislative Branch We the People . . . The Preamble is a one sentence introductory sentence to our Constitution.

The words, "We the People," set our country up as a democracy where every person has a say in our government. The Constitution tells us how our government is going to be run. The Three Branches
of Government The President of the
United States is in
charge of the Executive
Branch of government.

He lives at the White House.

The President is elected by the US citizens (democracy). The President represents our country.

The President has a Vice President who helps him. The Judicial Branch includes the
Supreme Court and 9 Justices.

They are special judges who
interpret laws according to the
Constitution. The judges only hear
court cases that relate to the Constitution.

They are at the Supreme Court. The Legislative Branch is called Congress. Congress makes our laws.

Congress is divided into two different parts:
1. The Senate - 100 Senators, 2 from each state
2. The House of Representatives - 435 Representatives, this is determined by each state's population.

They meet at the Capital
Building. Our Government Our government is split into three different parts:
1. The Executive Branch
2. The Legislative Branch
3. The Judicial Branch By Miss Larson
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