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Stockport eLearning Platform

Getting started & developing your VLE

alex Findlay

on 9 July 2012

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Transcript of Stockport eLearning Platform

Stockport eLearning Platform What should the VLE do? VLE supports the schools aims (SIP) Key question:
How is it making a difference?
What is it not? Misconceptions A digital dumping ground
Woodlands-Kent So what is it? The underlying educational principle of a
Moodle VLE is one of collaboration & communication
Chat Sharing documents What does it
look like? Tameside

http://primary.lea.tameside.sch.uk/ Stockport eLearning Platform

http://elearning.stockport.gov.uk/training/course/category.php?categoryedit=off&sesskey=qzdOisFhPv&id=12 Getting the VLE started in school Tips & Tricks Avoid overdevelopment Allow staff to develop
their own area Start small Change internet homepage
to class VLE homepage Make the VLE an agenda point at staff meetings Avoid empty areas Update weekly Grow organically How do you get there? eSafety
RUP cpd 21st Century Teacher Becta Steps to Adoption Model 5 step approach to intergration
of the VLE in 5 areas that the VLE
can support Ensure colleagues, children & parents know your expectations Alexander Findlay Don't think it needs to be
'all singing & all dancing'

Keep it simple! Any Questions? alex.findlay@stockport.gov.uk Stockport eLearning Platform
support forum & how to guides Using the VLE to support teaching & learning
What is a VLE? Software System to support T&L
Works over the Internet
Collection of tools Communication Collaboration Sharing resources Assessment Why should I use a VLE? Becta &
Institute of Education - University of London Study

School use of learning platforms & associated technologies http://research.becta.org.uk/index.php?section=rh&catcode=_re_rp_be_03&rid=17900 Key Findings: Improved communication within school More informed Parents Enhanced monitoring & managing of teaching Better co-ordination of tracking & analysis of
school data Enhanced communication between staff,
managers & leaders Benefits for Leaders Benefits for Teachers Opportunities for collaboration between teachers Enhanced opportunites for flexible working Increased opportunities for working with wider community
and experts regionally, nationally & internationally Improved communication between teacher & parent/carer Benefits for Learners Increased motivation Increased support of independent learners Enhanced accessibility to relevant, engaging
& motivational resources Collaboration between learners Benefits for Parents & Carers More informed and involved in their child’s learning
Enabled to review and support child’s learning
Easy access to organisational information
Aware of best practice and exceptional work
Enhanced consultation in decisions and policy developments
Homework tasks are transparent enabling them
to support their child A strategic, positive and hands-on approach to
implementation by senior leaders and managers.
The involvement of a wide range of stakeholders,
including all members of the school community & the local authority A shared ownership of the development with the school community,
including the school governors
A phased approach to implementation and
inclusion as part of development planning
Clear plans for support, training and
development of staff.
A plan for who will do what High-quality digital content and resources
relevant to the school curriculum needs Adoption through a change management process,
setting out clear expectations of success and including
continuous review and development before you start...... http://publications.becta.org.uk/download.cfm?resID=42120 http://publications.becta.org.uk/download.cfm?resID=41521 Collaboration Tools Demonstration Courses homework Quiz
Survey Assessment Weblinks Multi Media Communication
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