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A beginner's guide to Prezi

An introduction to why and how to use Prezi. Written for Leyton Sixth Form College. May contain traces of Metallica.

Andrew Day

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of A beginner's guide to Prezi

A beginner's guide to Prezi
Why Prezi?
Designing an effective Prezi
Plan your Prezi: structure and content
Use 4:3 scale
Keep your presentation consistent, unless for emphasis
Copy and paste frames and text for consistency
Use images, video and customisation options
Use a pre-made template if you don't want to start from scratch
Over-use text. Prezi is
Panic if you forget to save your work. Prezi auto-saves regularly
Use small, low-resolution images
...and out...
...or spin...
Top tips
How do I create a Prezi?
In today's session:
What is Prezi?
Designing an effective Prezi
Prezi features
Create a Prezi account
Create your first Prezi
What is Prezi?
Prezi is an online multimedia application that allows you to build engaging visual presentations.
Why Prezi?
Prezi is free
Prezi is online
Prezi is visual, non linear and shareable
Prezi is multimedia-friendly
Prezi isn't PowerPoint
What makes a good
Show, don't tell
Know your audience
Point 3
Point 1
Point 2
Point 4
Point 5
...unless it's for a good reason
How do I get a Prezi account?
...because 16-24 year-olds love multimedia:
Use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out
Click and drag your mouse to move around
Mouse over the right side of the screen to reveal Prezi's navigation buttons
Click on the 'Home' button to return to the home screen for your presentation
Click on an item in the Path menu on the left to go straight to it
Made a mistake? Click
How do I get around?
To select something, hover your mouse over it until it's outlined in blue. Then click on it.
(you may need to zoom in or out to do this)
When you've selected something, you can drag it around, or use the + and - buttons to resize it
Click on the Delete icon to get rid of something you don't want
To select multiple items, hold down the Shift key
How do I select and
resize things?
How do I get around
and select stuff?
How do I add
text and multimedia?
Choose a template
Frames - use these to group
things together (also useful for structure and navigation).
Arrows are useful too.
Insert: use this to insert pictures (from file or Google images) and videos (from Youtube).
Themes: use this to customise your presentation's appearance (fonts, colours etc.).
How do I organise my Prezi?
Use frames to:
(new frames should be automatically added to your Prezi's path)
Frames and paths
....what's the 'path' though?
The 'path' is what decides the order that your Prezi objects appear in when you present it
Think of it as the equivalent of 'Slide 1, Slide 2, Slide 3' etc. in a PowerPoint
Some objects, such as frames, are added to your path automatically. Some (e.g. text) you'll need to add yourself
This is what the path for this Prezi looks like so far
How do I
edit the path?
Adding, removing, re-ordering
Edit Path
. To add things, mouse over them until a plus sign appears, then click
To remove things, mouse over them in the Edit Path column until a red cross appears, then click
To re-order objects, you can either click Edit Path and then drag the blue path numbers around (or delete them entirely)
Alternatively, drag the frames around in the Edit Path menu (you won't need to click the button for this)
Edit path button
Objects in Edit Path column
Path points
Want a 4:3 ratio? Use the button next to
to set your Prezi to 4:3
Want your frames, text etc. to be the same size? Copy and paste by mousing over until the +/- button appears and right click
Want animations? Click
Edit Path
, then click on a starred path point to animate the objects in that frame
Got a PowerPoint you want to transfer? Click
, then
Anything else you want to know?
Let's make a Prezi!
Any problems?
From the edit menu, click
in the top left corner
From My Prezis, select your Prezi, then click on the
icon (square icon, far right)
Use the arrow keys to move between slides. You can also zoom and move around the Prezi canvas
Name your Prezi - click on it in
My Prezis
, then click on the Prezi's
to edit it
Need to change anything? Click on
to go back in
Got an iPad? Download the Prezi app. You can also download a desktop version for your PC or laptop
What did you think?
Would you use Prezi again?
How does it compare to PowerPoint?
Some content adapted from 'The How To Make A Great Prezi, Prezi' by Ned Potter:
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