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Energy is Everywhere

Forms and Types of Energy

Annette Chambers

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Energy is Everywhere

Energy is the ability to do work or cause change
Energy is measured in Joules (j). Work is measured in Joules (j).
What are the forms of Energy?
Potential Energy
Mechanical Energy is
Energy is
stored energy
as a result of somethings position or the arrangement of its parts.
What is energy?
the total
energy of

For example: A skier poised at the top of the hill

(potential) will eventually be going down the hill (kinetic).
the energy stored in the bonds of molecules (potential)
Chemical energy is
Chemical Energy
Electrical energy is
the form of
produced by the movement of electric charges (
) (kinetic)
the energy that is released when atomic nuclei is split apart (
) or fused together (
) (kinetic)
Nuclear energy is
Fusion is the process by which two or more small nuclei
to form a larger nucleus and
is released!
Kinetic Energy
Anything in motion has kinetic energy
Fission is the process by which a large nucleus splits into two small nuclei and energy is released.
Radiant Energy
Radiant energy
is electromagnetic energy that travels in transverse waves. Radio,Microwaves, Infrared, Visible Light, Ultraviolet Light, X-ray and Gamma ray (kinetic)
What are the classifications of energy?
Thermal Enegy
Thermal energy is
the energy of moving or vibrating molecules. The faster they move the hotter they get the more energy they have
Intro to
Energy is the ability to do work or cause change.
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