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UOL - Absence Management and Wellbeing Project

No description

ian hodson

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of UOL - Absence Management and Wellbeing Project

Results Research - Absence Management and Wellbeing Our Project Notes Place your own picture
behind this frame! Double click to crop it if necessary San Francisco Budapest Important
Details (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr Stockholm (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr A little bit about the University ..... Assets map details doodles notes outlook photo frame Our Absence System Wellbeing Created in 2002
In the centre of a cathedral city that fought for a University for many years
New University with old traditions and values
5 campuses, 1,500 staff, 11,000 students Our Vision.......

"To be a world leading University"

The Size of the challenge?

Currently in the 50's of the UK league tables
Limited number of international students
Predominantly undergraduate programmes
Many long serving academic staff
An emerging reputation Our Culture.......

"We are one organisation, not one culture"

Shared and understood
Informal, open and accessible
Excellent service
Passionate about what we do The People Agenda.......

Leadership - To understand the organisational expectations, to be solution focussed, to act corporately, to take responsibility, to inform, support and challenge
Recognition - To celebrate success, to learn and improve
Agility - To be ready to take opportunities, flexible about what and how we do things
Engagement - To ensure people feel listened to, supported, connected and energised Acknowledging the cost of absence.......

Creates operational difficulties
Absence pay costs and budget implications
Can lead to low morale
Associated overtime and administration costs
Additional burden of costs related to managing escalated absence issues
Absorbtion of reactive HR time Our past position.......

Paper driven absence recording process
High levels of HR Administration required
Limited quantity and quality management information
No real time information
A "generous" sickness absence pay policy
Management seen as a HR responsibility
No employee awareness of an absence monitoring process
No collective approach to a positive presence of employee wellbeing
Cost of sickness absence pay of £1.125m and lost working days of 8.29 days per fte Our strategic aims.......

2 key documents....Firstly HR Sytems Strategy

Two core database systems - HR and Payroll
Progress the sourcing of required functionality in the short term
Acnowledging the requirement of capital investment
Focus on self serve, streamlining of processes (expenses, recruitment, ........and absence).
Gap analysis of current practice in comparison to best of sector and best in the marketplace
Invest to save
Long term integration of systems to create future efficiencies, without the loss of functionality .........The New Kid On The Block University People Strategy...

Service Delivery and Service Excellence

....to develop self serve systems to enable employees and managers to directy access data and information
...to enhance the information electronically to enable managers to manage their teams effectively
....to build on and further improve the general wellbeing of all staff and students. The Objectives

- Generate financial savings through the introduction of a devolved absence management system (devolved HR data entry for the first time)
- Allow managers to identify absence trends and take positive actions in a timely manner
- Introduce wellbeing and benefit initaitives to ensure employees have opportunities to take an interest in their own health The absence Management system

Worked with a 3rd party to develop around our requirements
Built in a focus on the return to work process
Reviewed our absence policy and sickness trigger points
Enagaged a pilot group including Sickness Notification Officers
Enagaged managers at an early stage
Communicated on progression throughout and when key milestones were reached The Challenges.....

- Collecting work pattern data
- Acknowledging flexible working patterns
- Changing the perception of the role of HR in the organisation
- Taking on the monitoring role to prompt return to work conversations / trigger point discussions
- Maintaining data accuracy and standards through devolved data entry
- Supporting multiple system users
- Interfacing with other databases
- HR Project delivery resource requirements The Outcomes

- Our system.......Sickness Officers entering data, calendar view, line manager reporting.
- Improved Communication tools .....HR Line, relationship meetings, training roadshows, managers toolkit
- Progression of our strategy Wellbeing Portal.....

- University Employee Wellbeing Portal created in conjunction with Leeds Metropolitan University
- Gives self access guidance on multiple aspects of health and wellbeing focusing on feelings and lifestyle
- Links in to relevant University benefits and support packages
- 24/7 support.......not just for the workplace Healthy Campus Week

Week long schedule of activities for staff and students
Have a go sessions ranging from canoeing, to trampolining to ultimate frisbee delivered by staff and students
Aim to turn in to regular classes, clubs and societies
Health checks from community partners - healthy hearts, osteoperosis checks, health screening, personal fitness plans "Walk the World" Challenge

Embedding and encouraging change over a prolonged period of time
Cross department teams walking the virtual world
Engagement from other University areas with fruit drops and fitness classes
Blog for participants
End of event presentation - top team, top stepper and highest increase in steps And the rest.....

Health Schemes - Full review - new discounted PMI scheme and 2 new cash plans
Discounted health screening
On site health check services
Cycle2work scheme supporting green agenda. Reinvestment of savings in to better cycling storage and facilities, on site "bike doctor" and registering service
Lunchtime fitness classes, sporting tournaments, employee family days, discounts at local days out. Quantative Project Achievements.....

Annual cost of absence pay reduced from £1.125 million to £821 k year on year
Average days of absence per fte reduced from 8.29 to 6.54 days year on year
125 applicants to the cycle2work scheme. Employer national insurance savings of £6k
Removal of absence submission paperwork saving circa £2.5k per year
Staff Survey results
- 93% of individuals responding that the University is a good place to work
- 77% of individuals responding that they feel part of the University
- 80% of individuals responding that their immediate manager supports them in finding a good work-life balance
"Walk the World" end of challenge statistics Qualitative Project Achievements.....

Human Resources can spend time more proactively in the organisation.
Reduction in the perceived bureaucracy around processes.
Administration processes that match the University image
Support for other University agendas - green, VFM
Improved communication channels with Line Managers. Next Steps.....

- Further introduction of self serve systems
- System Integration
- Dashboard reporting
- Additional wellbeing initiatives
- Operational relationships to understand underlying issues
- Further benchmarking internally and externally
- Incorporate staff survey feedback in to operational activities and associated strategies The Cultural Challenges for HR.....

- Alignment to a University ICT strategy
- Ensuring managers are leaders
- Ensuring managers have the tools to manage
- Refocusing the role of HR and the organisation perception of the HR service
- Increased expectations of performance and delivery
- Defining HR as a strategic partner
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