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Ancient Greece

No description

Gina Galvin

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece Exploring the Exploring the Ancient World: Ancient Greece Special Assignment by Gina Galvin Unus Pagina Winged Victory Works Cited unus pagina SOAPSToneS S O A P S Tone S Speaker- The speaker was Aristotle. Occasion- The occasion was Ancient Greece. Audience- The audience was Plato and other Greek Philosophers. Purpose- The purpose was to argue that a republic was the best form of government possibly to “One up” Plato. Tone- The tone was forceful, full of proclamation. Subject- The subject was forms of government. Significance - The significance is that republic became one of the principal forms of government and was used in the future, for example Ancient Rome. Facebook Friends List Plato's Video Works Cited facebook friends list Seven Wonders Of Ancient Greece <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u61jvVD591U> This video talks about many of the marvels of Ancient Greece, Ancient Greek culture, and Ancient Greek beliefs. The speaker in the video addresses myths from that era, like the minotaur who was slayed in his labyrinth. The video discusses how this myth could benefit Athenian reputation and how it is easily interpreted that the "labyrinth" is beneath the Palace of Knossos because of the architecture of that palace. After watching this video I have come to a realization of how advanced Ancient Greece really was with huge theaters, towering sculptures and artwork, and of course astonishing architecture that was sturdy and detailed regardless of how many stories. This video proved to me that Ancient Greece wasn't only a extraordinary place because of intelligent philosophers like Aristotle or Plato, the wonders of ancient Greece are endless. Active Reading Notes Active Reading Notes The Story of Orpheus and Eurydice -How they met was not mentioned, but they were in love
-Eurydice went into a meadow at her wedding and was bitten by a snake
-Orpheus went to underworld to take bring back Eurydice, and he charmed everyone with his lyre
-Hades returned Eurydice to him but on the condition that he didn't look back during his return to the mortal world
-He looked back to see if she was still following him when he almost completed his ascent to the upper world, she was taken from him forever
-Orpheus tried to follow her back down again but the gods denied him entrance to the underworld since he had already entered once in his mortal life
-After their separation, he played his lyre and refused to socialize
-All the women were charmed by his music but were denied by him so they killed him and tore his limbs apart and burried him at the base of Mount Olympus Duck Vs. Decorated shed -Duck: the form follows function, people work more on the style of the building
-Decorated Shed: an average building that has signage and ornamentation, the decorations are applied to make it different from the others (has a sign to depict function)
-Duck: when you can tell the purpose of the building by its overall composure
-Duck examples:
1. The Long Island Duck in New York is a duck because the building looks like a duck and it sells ducks.
2. The Great Pyramids of Egypt because they look like pyramids and are pyramids. They are momentous of size and there is no signage that relate to the function.
3. The Coliseum, the greek and roman Acropolis, and most other temples are ducks because the details and ornamentation are part of the structure. The buildings reflect their purpose and their purpose is not expressesed by signs. Active Reading Notes Parthenon -Built during the high point in greek Doric architecture
-Built on the Athenian hill, Acropolis
-There have been several shrines to Athena (Athens' patron goddess) on Acropolis prior to the Parthenon
-It was commissioned by Pericles who was the ruler at the time
-The statue of Athena in the temple was created by Pericles friend, Phidias
-The temple was financed by the allies of Athens with the money that was intended for the second war with Persia, which never happened.
-The architects of the Parthenon were Ictinus and Callicrates
-228ft long, 101ft wide, and 65ft tall
-Its foundation was a tree-tiered platform
-There were Doric columns around the sides of the building which where 6ft across and about 64ft tall, there were 8 columns at the ends and 17 along the sides
-Over 20,000 tons of marble came from Mount Pentelicus
-No mortar was used in the whole building
-Only priests were allowed inside the building which had 2 chambers
-One chamber held the temples treasury and the other was the sanctuary which held the statue of Athena Active Reading Notes Early development of Greek society -The Minoan society was a victim of natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes and tidal waves
-The Cretans replaced the ruins with extravagant houses with plumbing, drainage and even toilets that flushed
-They were later taken over but they were still a major influence on Greece

-Military based
-They had a strong military due to an advanced battle formation and a lot of training
-Simple society with hardly any expensive luxuries such as jewelry so there was little differentiation between social classes
-Boys would leave for military training at age seven, enter the military at age twenty, and retire at age thirty
-Woman married at age eighteen but would not be able to see their husbands until their retirement from the military Blogs Orpheus: Eurydice: My name is Orpheus. I am the single most depressed man in Ancient Greece. I have lost the only thing that means anything to me, my true love. Her name was Eurydice and she was taken by Hades. Right now she's disappointed in me, alone in the depths of the underworld. Our separation was my fault. I almost had her back in my arms but as I escaped the underworld with her following me, I doubted her presence. I looked back to see her, but it was too soon. She was taken from me in an instant and I lost her forever. I will regret that slight turning of my chin for the rest of my mortal life. Dear Orpheus,
I am writing to you to let you know that I am okay. I would be lying if I denied that I am miserable here but I am not sad because I am dead. The reason that I am devastated is that every minute I am here is another minute passed without you. You are my soul mate. I miss you playing your lyre so beautifully. I remember our wedding day like it was yesterday. It was the day I was taken away from you. I though I would never see you again but you were courageous and tried to come rescue me. You are my hero for attempting to save me and I forgive you for looking back. I will continue to wait patientlyy for your return.
Yours truly,
Eurydice App Current Events 1. Stockholm train crashed into apartments 'by cleaner' http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-21030211
2. Foreigners held hostage by militants in Algeria http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-21042659
3. Denis Allex: French agent 'killed' by Somalia al-Shabab http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-21056592
4. Mali conflict: French troops 'seize' Diabaly, Douentza http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-21121262
5. Pakistan blasts: Scores killed at Quetta snooker hall http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-20969443 Black Orpheus Response There were many connections between the movie, Black Orpheus, and the Greek myth. One similarity was that in the myth, Orpheus played a lyre and in the movie he played a guitar. In both cases he was so good at playing the instrument that he could charm people with his music. The most apparent correspondence between the film and the myth is the love that Orpheus and Eurydice share. Although the myth doesn't mention how they met, in both the modern and original telling, the story revolves around their love for each other. One more thing that they had in common was that Eurydice is taken from Orpheus. In the Greek myth Eurydice is taken to the underworld and the Brazilian retelling she is taken by death. In both versions Orpheus goes to rescue her and is almost successful but then she is taken for good because he looks back to see if his lost love one is actually there.

I thought that this film was pretty good. I really liked that not everyone in it was an actor. I appreciated that the real culture of Brazil and the way they celebrated carnival was reflected in the movie. However I had a hard time watching and reading the subtitles at the same time. I think that took away from the movie because I was more focused on keeping up with the subtitles. I imagine that if i could speak portuguese I would have like the film even more. The movie did a good job of expressing the ancient Greek myth in a scenario that is easier for modern people to relate to. Definition Bank DIRECT DEMOCRACY- A direct democracy is a form of government that rules by majority.
REPUBLIC- A republic is a form of government that rules by law.
OLIGARCHY- A oligarchy is a form of government that rules by a select group of people.
ARISTOCRACY- An aristocracy is a form of government that is ruled by a group of people or a single person but power is passed down through heritage.
TYRANNY- A tyranny is when a ruler becomes greedy and uses his power to benefit his or her self.
ANARCHY- An anarchy is when a place has no formal type of government. S O A P S Tone s Aphrodite's Unus Pagina Works Cited For Aphrodite Unus Pagina BY GINA Quick Writes * * Mr. Westcott please look over my improvements Environmental Sustainability Twitter Feed 1. In ancient Greece, Athens was a city state known for their knowledge. Another city state from that time was Sparta, who is famous for their advanced military formations. Athens and Sparta were affiliated with each other in war, and although they both lost men and faced many of the same challenges, ultimately Sparta was the victor of the war.

2. Greece and Persia threatened each other because both places controlled a substantial amount of land in the ancient world, and they would attempt to attack or conquer each others territory. They also both wanted a promising and well located piece of land which is modern day Turkey. This tension between Greece and Persia accumulated and eventually led to the Persian War. After several decades of battle Greece was triumphant. However, even after the end of the Persian War, there was still conflict between the rival communities. This was a persistent issue until Alexander the Great took leadership.

3.Alexandria was special because it had very strong leaders. Surprisingly enough, one of these successful leaders was a young boy known as Alexander the Great. It was also one of the most prosperous trade posts in all of ancient Greece. This was because it had a huge harbor that could fit up to 1,200 trade ships at one time. Ancient Greek culture had a positive impact on the environment. Greece was located on the coast of the Mediterranean sea (Bentley). This resulted in Greece being an extremely important and prosperous trade post because traders could travel there by boat or by land (Bentley). Their economy revolved around trading (Bentley). The biggest harbor built for trade was in Alexandria that could contain as many as 1,200 boats at the same time (Bentley). There were always a constant flow of imports and exports coming and going out of Ancient Greece. Since trading was such a big deal, the Greeks always needed goods to trade (Bentley). One of the items they traded were agricultural goods (Bentley). These crops helped the environment because without plants the environment would suffer. So the bigger the harbors got and the more trade expanded, Greeks would have to plant more crops and that benefited the environment. Ancient Greece Athena_the_wise: I am so proud of @Athens I knew that there was a reason that I was their patron goddess. They are becoming more intelligent and putting that to use in building their economy, and improving the navy, and obviously the architecture--My particular favorite. They built me a massive temple that towers over my great city state, atop the Acropolis. Retweet if your proud of the Athenians. Athena's Aristotle Essay Works Cited EsR's Bentley, Jerry H., and Herbert F. Ziegler.
Traditions & Encounters: A Global Perspective on the past. Boston: McGraw Hill, 2000. Print.
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