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Conservation - Intro Env. Issues

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David Nisbet

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Conservation - Intro Env. Issues

Unit: Environmental Issues Conservation History Efforts to conserve biodiversity are a recent phenomenon
Natural resource conservation - much longer history
Regulation, restraint, control - needed to prevent selfish motives from taking more than could be sustained in an area
Done so that the long-term supply would not be compromised for the rest of the community

"Tragedy of the commons" Occurs when individuals, motivated by their own rational self-interest will eventually deplete a shared resource even when it is clear that it is in no one's best long-term interest to do so Example: Haida and Tlingit Had resource boundaries
Communal agreements on the fishing of salmon
Decided by elders who had life-long details of the rivers and streams that they managed
John Muir Saw conservation as more than just managing resources or long-term sustainable commercial use
Believed in valuing nature for its spiritual and transcendental qualities
Was instrumental in the formation of national parks movement in the US and Canada in the early 20th century 1970s

Preservation of endangered species
Emphasis on BIODIVERSITY Conservation vs Preservation Proper use of nature Protection of nature FROM use Biodiversity The variation of lifeforms within a specific ecosystem, biome, or the entire earth

2010 is the UN International Year of Biodiversity Extinctions - a long history... Rapid environmental changes usually cause extinctions
Of all the species that have ever existed on the earth, it is estimated that 99.9% are extinct Since life began on earth an estimated 3.5 billion years ago there have been at least 5 major mass extinctions
The most recent, the Cretaceous-Tertiary event occurred 65 million years ago
Some believe that we are currently in a Halocene extinction event being caused by humans

Habitat loss
Exotic species
Hybridization and genetics
Climate change Carrying Capacity Topic Choices Wildlife trade
Endangered species
Invasive species
Tar sands
Climate change
Depletion of arable land
Industrial accidents (ex.oil spills)
Fisheries collapse Rainforest destruction
Light pollution
Water crisis
Pacific gyre Tar sands Sustainable urban planning initiatives
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