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Brunt Hotel Case Study

No description

abel BD

on 26 April 2016

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Transcript of Brunt Hotel Case Study

Brunt Hotel Case Study

Activity A : Key priorities
-Propose an important French training for futures managers.

-Select the hotels to keep in the Brand Hotel Group.

-Creation of a cross-cultural program for French and English employees.

Activity B : Hiring HCN, PCN or both?
Combination of HCNs and PCNs could be the best solution :

Activity C : Design a recruitment advertisement & an attractive poster
The objective of this part is to make the venture project attractive for English managers to whom we will offer this opportunity
Activity D n°1 : Compensation Package
Salary: 60 000€ (French average salary)
Health care insurance
Education subsidies
Company car and phone
1 free travels home
Help in the job searching (for wife or husbands)

A/ Key priorities of the company

B/ Hiring HCN, PCN or both?

D/ 1)Compensation Package
2) Checklist

E/ Selection process

F/ Training program

G/ Choosing a training agency

Activity A : Key priorities
-Creation of a specific formation on the company’s culture for the French employees.

-Success in the
opening dates.

The email
Here is the email we are going to send to all our english managers :

Activity D n°2 : Checklist
Activity D n°2 : Checklist
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
-Monitoring and evaluation of the hotel profitability
-Decisions on investments
-Organization of the supplies, such as materials, equipment…
-Facilitated the work of the employees, with the teamwork
-Manage all the aspects of the hotel
-Hire and train staff with the core values of the group
-Offer professional development to his employees
-Attend to the interest of the company
-Reach the objectives fixed by the headquarters in UK
Group 2:

Mongereau Tiphaine
Ferté Théo
Boutin-Desvignes Abel

-PCNs at key positions could be better, because they bring the Brunt Hotel culture and core values to the HCNs.

-Hiring HCNs is very important, because they are a lot of advantages, such as the lower cost of employment and the knowledge of the French culture.

Manager responsabilities :
Working hours: 8h-12h and 14h-19h (with possible add hours paid).

Large desk in the hotel, with computer (and internet), phone, mobile phone, fax.
Assure a day-to-day communication with the headquarters in UK by phone or by mail.

Organization of a video conferencing (weekly meeting).
A report must be send to the headquarters in UK after every problem or delicate situations.

Activity E : Selection process
Program of the recruitment : based on two days, combination of both fun and intellectual recruitment

Activity F : training program
Details of pre-departure session :

-Two weeks training in the London office

-One week French language courses

-Family comes and we answer questions

-Employee C spends time in HR

-Employee D spend time with the direction

Activity F : Training program
Manager C :
-Pair him with another manager

-Put him into HR department to make him more confortable

Manager D :

-Pair him with another manager

-Let him go to other departments to get to know better the company

Activity F : Training program
Evalutation of the training :

-It will last a week

-French test (oral and comprehension)

-Put the employees into one department a day to evaluate their skills

-Ask the director what he thinks about them

Activity G : Choosing a training agency
We have selected some :

-Paris training agency (4 Rue Ribéra, 75016 Paris)
-Gereso (Montparnasse tower, 44e floor, 75015 Paris)

And the one we selected is Gereso
The brochure that could be provided to the spouse/partners of the expatriates who are going to move to France :
If a manager fails in our selection program, in order to not demoralize him/her, we have provided a gift of a weekend in one of our hotels in France all expenses paid by the company.
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