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Predator- Prey Relationship

No description

Tiffany Cosgrove

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Predator- Prey Relationship

What is it?
Tropical dry forests are usually found in Africa,
India, and Fiji.
Where are they?
Some biotic factors in Tropical Dry Forests are the African Giraffe, Evergreen trees, large african darters, and Rhinos.
Biotic & Abiotic factors
In most Tropical Dry Forests, the most common natural disasters are droughts, and floods.
Natural Disasters
Secondary Level Consumer
Predator and Prey Relationship
The Komodo Dragon uses camouflage to capture its prey. They eat a lot of Water Buffalo. The more Komodo Dragons there are, the less Water Buffalo there will be due to the Komodo having a better food source.
First level Consumer
Some abiotic factors in Tropical Dry Forests are the humidity, precipitation, soil, and temperature. Their annual temperatures are usually 63 degrees Fahrenheit, and the soil is never dry.
Limited Population
Tropical dry forests are similar to deserts, but they receive rain. There are many plants, and many use water & nutrients for protection from herbivores.
Humans are the only thing that have ever eaten a Komodo.
An example of an Symbiotic Relationship in the Tropical Dry Forest would be an acacia tree and ants. The tree has whole network inside the tree where ants may live. In return the ants get protection from the trees.
, and

Food Web
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Tropical Dry Forest
Droughts are usually caused by the fact that the forests are so close to the equator, and floods, being caused by that time of year when they get uncontrollable rain.
Komodo's often die from volcanic eruptions .
Habitat must be hot and dry.
Primary or Secondary?
These disasters will both lead to secondary succession because they will both eventually regenerate. After a drought, the water will slowly come back. After a flood, the water will go away, and all the land that was underneath it is still there.
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