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16 04 12 Decoding CoderDojo AER

No description

Radu Ticiu

on 22 November 2016

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Transcript of 16 04 12 Decoding CoderDojo AER

About ourselves
Timisoara Tech Ecosystem
CoderDojo Globally & in Timișoara
Humans of CoderDojo Timișoara
The Challenges
CoderDojo in Romania
- started dec 2012 (Bucharest)
- informal network, Timișoara leadership
- 22 active dojos
- common knowledge base generation
- joint national events
- joint participations to international & global network's events
CoderDojo in Timișoara Metropolitan Area
activities in 13 dojos:
a coworking space
a rural school's canteen
offices of a village community association
classrooms of 4 Timisoara & Sacalaz (high-)schools
2 seminary rooms in 2 departments @UVT
two ICT companies' conference rooms
A day center for kids in socially marginalized families
a restaurant
The People of CoderDojo Timișoara
CoderDojo Global
network of programming clubs
initiated in Irland, 2011
~70 countries,1200+ clubs
~35.000 7-17 year old kids
, informal, inclusive,
volunteer mentor driven
"Above all, be cool!"
What and how are kids learning?
coding is presented as a
force of change
: web dev, desktop & mobile apps, games, hardware
: self paced, self oriented, ”co-opetitional”, community-, mentor- & peer-supported
social and soft-skills
Facts & Figures
800+ kids & 300+ volunteers on record
350+ kids & 40+ mentors attending weekly
mentors: students, employees, freelancers, entrepreneurs
special events
kids presenting, competing, participating to tech entrepreneurship ecosystem events
+400 kEUR worth of involvement
0 EUR public or EU money directly spent
4000 EUR donations collected
a model of continuous growth
kids -> mentors, mentors -> champions
densest CoderDojo area in Continental Europe
Bill Liao visiting Timisoara
kids winning international competitions
"triggering" new dojos in RO and abroad
"exporting" mentors
leading CoderDojo RO network
Radu Ticiu
support new dojos setting up
better connect nationaly/internationally
better use CoderDojo global resources
continuous mentors recruitment
organize Coolest Projects Romania
build a network resource center
device "Mentoring School"

prevent ninjas to prematurely get jobs :)
CoderDojo Timisoara
Timisoara Tech Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
13-15.000 employees, 1000 companies, 4 universities in ICT
~65 startups (www.TimisoaraStartups.com)
40+ specialized tech communities
100+ events per year
Startup Weekend, Startup Pirates
HackTM - biggest hackathon in (South-)Eastern Europe
well connected regionally

BUT we still need 500+ new IT specialists per year
Why is it THAT important to early educate IN ANOTHER WAY kids to code?
formal educational system is outpaced
it is not building on the native curiosity & creativity
it is not practicing learning by playing/by doing
it is not fully transforming the "user" in "creator"
it in not acting towards attitudinal & skill-set change
no care to the ”paying back to community” spirit
Above all, be cool!
in your city!

Nov 22th 2016, Reșița
Build a
fall 2016
one day event
showcasing 200+ projects
500 Romanian & foreign ninjas
2000 visitors
150 volunteers
15.000 EUR budget
+ CoderDojo Romania Association public launch
Coolest Projects Romania
June 25th
half day event
CBC, CRAFT or Sala Olimpia
gathering of 512+ young coders & 128 mentors
1000 visitors
100 volunteers
5000 EUR budget
Timișoara MegaDojo
national event
late August
one week event
coding + leisure + outdoor + culture
Cisnadioara or Sibiu
gathering of 80+ ninjas & 12 mentors
4000 EUR budget

CoderDojo Summer Camp
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