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Frederick Douglass Chapter 11

No description

Taylor Todd

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Frederick Douglass Chapter 11

Frederick Douglass Baltimore then New Bedford 1838 "Which he can trace the foot steps of our flying brother"
pg 128 - Metaphor Douglass turns all his wages to Hugh Auld , who sometimes gives Douglass a small portion of it. Douglass turns his wages in a day late and Hugh gets mad and tells Douglass to find a job on his own. He's excited for this because he has the responsibilities of being a free man. He soon escapes to New York City and he is frightened because he is unaware of his surroundings. In New York, he meets a man who is black, named David Ruggles who takes him in. Then, he moves to New Bedford, and marries a free black woman named Anna Murray. All of the blacks work together in New Bedford. Summary Setting Chapter 11 Arguments Against Slavery Freedom Slavery "He is running the frightful risk of having his hot brains dashed out by an invisible agency" pg 128 Metaphor "But I must deprive myself of this pleasure, and the curious of the gratification which such a statement would afford"
pg 121 - Personification Pour the reward of my toil into the purse of my master"
pg 129 - Metaphor "I determined to try hire my time" pg 129 Repetition "My discontent grew upon me" pg 129 Metaphor Character Development "I am glad of an opportunity to express, as for as words can, the love and gratitude I bear him" pg 137 "This state of mind, however, very soon subsided; and I was again seized with a feeling of great insecurity and lonliness. I was yet liable to be taken back, and subjected to all the tortures of slavery. This in itself was enough to damp the order of my enthusiasm" Literary Terms
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