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Healthy Lifestyles for All

This is a presentation used to advocate for Physical Education in public education.

Thomas Schultz

on 22 March 2010

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Transcript of Healthy Lifestyles for All

Students Are Here
For A Purpose Opportunities Statistics Effective Programing CHS
Mission Statement The mission of Charlevoix High School is to provide all students with the opportunities needed to achieve social, emotional, physical, and academic growth promoting social responsibility, community pride, and personal dignity for lifelong success. Social Emotional Physical Academic Emotional Physical Academic Social State
Physical Education
Requirements Social Emotional Physical Academic Healthy People 2000 Center for Disease Control & Prevention American Journal of Public Health MI Department of Education American Cancer Society American Heart Association AAHPERD AAHE National Institute of Mental Health Physcial Education improves students' physical and mental health, which improves their ability to learn... From 1980 to 2004 the percentage of adolescents who were obese more than tripled from 5% to 17% Over 30 studies conducted around the world have shown that physical activity can play a role in preventing depression... Quality physical education provides developmentally appropriate activities where students are able to improve their ability to manage social stress and anxiety. The science-based federal Physical Activity for Americans Guidelines states that children and adolescents should perform 1 hour or more of physical activity daily... The Institute of Medicine recommends that schools provide at least half of that recommended daily physical activity time for youths - at least 30 minutes per day! NASPE Reducing or eliminating school physical education programs is counter-productive to student health and learning, as well as to our nation’s economic health. Emotional Physical Academic Social For More Information Emotional Physical Academic Social Through community physical activity students are able to supportive learning networks and positive social behaviors A Sense of Belonging Skills for
Interactions Develop Positive Social Behaviors Recognition of Cooperative Potential Develops Cognitive Abilities Instructional Variety that enhances the physical, mental, and socio-emotinal development of EVERY child At least 225 minutes of instructional time per week Requires Qualified Physical
Education Instructors Adequate equipment and
Motor Skills and Fitness Concepts Problem Solving
during gameplay Gain knowledge about HOW
to be physically fit Gain knowledge about WHY
to be physically fit Physical, Social, & Mental health benefits Aquisition of skill, movement, and
fitness concepts...
Healthy Lifestyles
for All... Physical Education is the ONLY Curriculum that requires Affective goals to be taught.
Positive Attitudes Healthy Values Respect for Self
and Others Best Effort During Challenge Self Expression Students whose time in Physical Education activity was increased, maintained or improved their grades and scores on standardized tests, even though they received less classroom instructional time than students in control groups Sacrificing Physical Education for classroom time does NOT improve academic performance... Students who are more active perform better academically. The MI K-12 Physical Education Standards equip students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for lifelong physical activity. Influencing personal and social skill development while building student's confidence and competence in physical abilities. Standard One: Demopnstrate competency in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities. Standard Two: Demonstrate understanding of movement concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics as they apply to the learning and performance of physical activities. Standard Three: Participate regularly in lifelong physical activity. Standard Four: Achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness. Standard Five: Standard Six: Value physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and/or social interaction. Exhibit responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in physical activity settings. Students who are physically active decrease their risks of dying prematurely from heart disease, reduce their risks of developing diabetes, high blood pressure and colon cancer. You may think that the percentage of overweight men decreases after 64 because they start to take care of themselves...but unfortunately it is because they are DYING FROM
DISEASES LINKED TO OBESITY. Dunn et al. 2001 The annual rate of depression among teenagers and young adults is nearly twice that of adults 25 to 44 years old. Depression is more prevalent than coronary heart disease or heart attacks. The benefits of physical activity for helping prevent depression occur regardless of people's age, gender, race, or socioeconomic status. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey of nearly 7000 Americans found people who got little or no exercise during leisure time reported more symptoms of depression. The same NHANES survey interviewed 1,500 of the original people eight years later and found that those who remained inactive were 12 time more likely to be depressed than those who were initially depressed and had become physically active. Quality Physical Education programs provide the tools our students need for a LIFETIME full of healthy habits, and lifestyle choices. An 07-08 study of more than 2.4 million students found that students who were physically fit were more likely to do well on the state's standardized tests Thomas E. Schultz Charlevoix High School
Physical Education About 50 % of your temperment - whether it's usually calm, nervous, or fiery is explained by heredity and early childhood learning... Nonetheless, students can learn to improve their abilities to deal with stress and anxiety by increasing self-esteem, and by learning skills incorporated into physical education curriculums. Students who participate in physical education have better school attendance records and less disciplinary referrals. Session Outcomes Examine the Charlevoix High School Mission Statement.

Discuss 4 key reasons why students attend CHS

Analyze how Michigan state standards for Physical Education are essential in fulfilling the CHS Mission Statement

Investigate statistics regarding physical education and its relationship to student performance

Discuss opportunities a quality Physical Education program provides for students

Explore what a quality physical education program looks like
Click on any of the Articles Listed Below...

Active Living Research - Physical Education, Physical Activity and Academic Performance

CDC - Student Health & Academic Achievement

CDC - BMI Measurement in Schools

CDC - Surgeon Generals Report on
Physical Activity & Health

Healthy People 2000

NASPE - Shape of the Nation Report

NASPE - Quality Physical Education Program

NASPE - Physical Education is Critical to a Complete Education

NASPE - Why Children Need Physical Education
http://www.aahperd.org/naspe/publications/teachingTools/whyPE.cfm In order to fulfill the purpose of our Mission Statement and therefore provide lifelong opportunities for our students... a quality Physical Education program MUST be in place for our students. Thank You! Students acheive Self-Realization through Physical Activity. Knowing who you are; what your interests and passons are, allows students to become more self-directed... guiding students in their choices of activities and providing opportunities for .......POSITIVE SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS..... Physical education programs have a unique opportunity to provide learning experiences that enhance students' SELF-ESTEEM Through Physical Education, students have the opportunity to be set apart from the 2/3 of Americans that are part of the obesity epidemic and live a
................HEALTHY, ACTIVE LIFESTYLE............ as well as the opportunity to have a
...Healthy, Active, Family of their own... In High School attitudes, habits and perceptions about physical activity are formed. As students learn the importance of commitment and dedication in acheiving success, these character traits will open doors of opportunity into college as well as future careers. Honesty Responsibility Cooperation Respect Sharing Fair Play
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