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No description

Gino Pino

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Desiron

Desiron Class 6, Group 7
Cinzia Corroppoli
Alexander Hazen
Alessandra Puglisi
Dorian Royal
Carlo Varrasi The current market In the current market there are two types of products:
Low-performance, portable, cheap irons
High-performance, complex, expensive irons Young families and Singles
Age 20-40
Middle-High Income
Confident with new technology
Attracted by design and style Our target market Target Market’s Needs Many people in our target market do not iron and
they have plenty of good reasons not to do it: A whole new ironing experience to address
the untapped needs of this market:

Make it simple: Incorporate new technology to create a highly efficient, user-friendly, interactive experience

Make it pleasant: Transform the standard iron’s configuration and design into a full-sense experience. The Desiron Concept Intelligence Step-by-step tutorial;
Smart indicator for water tank level. Automatic setting to each type of clothing;
Super-fast heat-up system;
Auto-clean function. Compact size;
Extra-smooth ceramic soleplate;
«Zero-effort» technology. Style Scent the clothes while ironing by adding your own frangrance. Integrated speakers and Bluetooth connection to listen to your favorite music. Sleek and elegant design;
No longer hidden: it saves storage space. Concept Development: Blue Ocean Strategy Template-based Approach Desiron Current market offer: Our New Product Features Current Situation Fast-heat, auto-setting, auto- cleaning functions
Integrated Speakers
Step-by-step tutorial
Compact size and «zero-effort» technology
Modern design in stylish finish It takes too long
Ironing is boring
I don’t know how to do it
The iron is heavy
The design is unattractive Desiron, a whole new ironing experience
for the needs of our target market Top 3 Irons on Desiron.
The iron is redefined.
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