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Sex and Violence in the Media


Hannah Halladay

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Sex and Violence in the Media

censorship in the media History In the early 1900s there was a controversy over whether nude statues should be exhibited in public. First Amendment Everyone has the right to watch what he or she wants. Hannah Halladay Two Decades Later, considering a growing trend
toward the banning of certain books The First Amendment is based upon belief. We decide what for ourselves what to read, write, paint, draw,
see, and hear. Parents
and Children Set rules about what your children can watch Block unwanted shows on their televisions using
the V-Chip People think that violence in the media
automatically hurts children. Censorship theres other ways to prevent
children watching sex and violence
other than goin all the way to censoring
everything Censoring youth sometimes
seems like it's more about
sending a message of social

There are television shows that
show the consequences if people
have sex, do drugs, and fight.
Sex and Violence don't always
show a bad message. children will always play rough and have some sort of aggresion. It's not always necessarily from watching inappropriate televsion shows.
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